I haven’t had a Risque After Dark in a long time so I figured that it’s definitely about time that I write one up tonight.  I want to discuss, ORGASMS and the people who fake them which of course is mostly women but you men sometimes fake your orgasm too.  I’m going to give you the real deal on why people (especially women) fake orgasms.  You know what I’m not even going to speak on the men’s behalf.  1.  I’m not a man and 2. when you men stop being punk ass bitches (LOL) maybe one of you can come out and share.  I tried to get your side of the story but tonight I’m repping for the women letting you know why we really fake orgasms!

Normally I would do a little research just to give you all accurate information.  But this here is RISQUE AFTER DARK & anything goes here.  I don’t care what’s accurate or not in this section there are always people who’ll agree and disagree with me! Yall know me I don’t give a crap, with that said……..Let’s get on with tonight’s blog.

Men….Do you even know when a woman fakes an orgasm with you?  I know 90% of you don’t realize it and the 10% of men who do realize it the woman is just a horrible actress.  Why do we do it?  There are many reasons.  Should you feel some type of way about it?  Yeah, some of you should.  There’s two number one reasons why women fake orgasms, yes I said TWO NUMBER ONE REASONS why we fake them…..Ready?


This is my number one reason.  Because I like to be as real as possible but I have a kind heart especially for those I really care about.  One of the only reasons I ever fake an orgasm is because I love the man.  It may sound silly as hell but when men can’t make a woman orgasm especially from their dick they feel some type of way.  Like I told you in my previous blog about Orgasms that 50-75% of women only come through clitoral stimulation.  That means only 25% of women actually come from the dick itself.

I join the majority of the women when it comes to coming and it’s not that I don’t enjoy it because Tony puts it down (yeah TMI, but it’s RISQUE AFTER DARK Daaaaawg!) but I just get off quicker when it comes to the oral and the special attention to the clit.  Tony really goes the extra mile (when he ain’t being lazy) because he’s trying to please the hell out of me.   I don’t want to see his hard work go to waste so I sometimes fake it and in return it turns him on so much more giving me more please…..it’s the circle that keeps  on giving and giving.  But if you lazy as hell I would neeeeeever fake it to make you feel better.  I’m the type of chick who will tell you to get the hell up, then tell you how wack your shit is.  This brings me to my next one.


The number 2 Number 1 reason is *drummmmmm Rollllll Please*   Yep you guessed it men.  Your shit is wack and we just want that shit to be the fuck over.  I know some women who lay there and allow the man to do a nothing but huff and puff on top of them and wait until he finishes.  HELL NAW! I’m not gon let you get yours while I’m unsatisfied.  My girls think I’m like a dude (a whole nother story).

C’mon men, you know goodness well when you’re not pleasing your women.  If you just stop moving and breathing for a second you’ll notice that she’s not moving nor is she making noise therefore she’s not enjoying herself.  The smart women go ahead and break their emergency sex glass and put out the horrible fire before it spreads.  She fakes the orgasm.  I myself have never faked an orgasm for this reason because I’m not that nice.

So what have we learned tonight other than we women are some of the best actress ever made.  BTW Tony has no idea I fake it with him sometimes.  There’s really no in between with the reasons why we fake it. We either fake it because we really really love you or because we really really hate you and want you to hurry up and get that shit over with it.  Fellas pay attention to your women so we can finally put an end to this epidemic of Fakism!

Greetings my freaky folks….don’t side eye me.  Only the freaky folks are up and reading this blog.  This will be our first entry for “Risque After Dark” and I want to make it fun.  I want and need participation in this because you guys make me.  If I didn’t have you I would just be writing for myself so I appreciate your participation and all of your responses.

Before we start let me say that what you’ll read on Risque After Dark will be totally different from what you read during the day.  My language will change, I’ll use words like fuck and dick instead of sex and penis…..catch my drift.  And also remember that R.L. Wynder is a totally different person than Ronica Wynder ok guys!!  Let’s get started!

Tonight’s Topic….What Defines a Real Freak?

I got this idea from my twitter friend @liberiangyal (follow her) because she’s always be on twitter (morning, noon & night) talking sexually recklesss.  Anything is liable to come out of her mouth.  I have a couple of submissions defining a real freak but I haven’t read them yet because I don’t their definition to mess with mine and I’m interested to see if ours are similar.

First of all (in my Charles Barkley voice), I don’t define a freak as someone who loves to have sex and have sex all the time, IF YOU’RE JUST HAVING “REGULAR” SEX.  You know what regular sex is, missionary and girl on top.  That’s regular crap you gon have to do a lil more than that in order to be considered a freak.

Secondly a freak is not someone who just have sex when she wants with whomever, that’s just a plain ol’ slut who could be a freak but slut usually comes first.

My definition of a freak for women is someone who’s willing to try shit out side of the box.  Someone who says “hey I’ll try anything at least once.” Someone who will let their man fuck them anally just because he wants to try it.  Someone who will take out their man’s dick in the middle of fucking and suck her own juices off.  Someone who will let their man come on any part of them (except for the hair…LOL) and when he comes in her mouth she plays with it with her tongue, shows him then swallows.  Someone who masturbates 3-4 times a day  and still have enough energy to fuck their man at the end of the night. Someone who will do it ALMOST anywhere (come on we gotta be smart can’t be a freak in jail, well you can but I’m sure you don’t want to).  Someone who don’t mind bringing another person in the bedroom with her man (I gotta problem with this one but I’m just defining a freak for you).  Someone who will role play and play the rape victim for her man (Come on men yall know yall fantasize about raping a “willing” woman).  Someone who’s just down.

The definition for a male freak may just be a lil shorter than a females.  But a man who will lick a woman from front to back is considered a freak.  Someone who doesn’t mind using toys on their woman (freakier if you have your own stock of toys…OWWWW!).  Someone who isn’t lazy and will fuck their woman over and over again, just because she wants it.  Someone who wants to bang their girl in the ass.  Where my toe lickers at?  Yall some of the freakiest! Oooh and those of you who aint afraid to get messy who come up from eating pussy and the juices be all over your faces.  Those of you who do take on the difficult Kama Sutra positions!  Those of you who have ever done the Baby Boy naked in the Kitchen position…LOL

Ok now it’s time for yall’s definition:

Mr. T. Stacker

Well me myself I have many definitions. First it depends on the individual and the partner. Because what I consider to be freaky my partner may not. I consider myself a freak because I’m willing to try almost anything once.

POW!!!! I Said the same thing Stacker!  That’s what I’m talking about.


Sex to me is an art.  I am very open about my sexuality and very comfortable talking about it. To be a freak to me is to surpass all of the basic stuff.  Breaking free of the monotony of missionary style sex.  Being a freak to me  is putting your morals to the side and indulging in a three-some(whatevers your pleasure 3 girls, 2guys1 girl, 2 girls 1 guy(my fav) 3 guys) . Being a freak to me is not being afraid to get tied up and spanked.  Being a freak to me is role playing to level of where I almost really forget who the hell I am.  Being freak to me is not being involved at all and just watching while getting your self off. Being a freak to me is reaching Orgasm after orgasm. Many women cant do that and I think its all in knowing your body and how you can stimulate yourself along with your partner to reach multiple O’s.  Thats just a lil of what I think.  To be a fly on my wall is to be a very happy fly!!!

Yooooo! Renee! SERIOUSLY!  LOL I really just LOL because you hit it on the head.  And you are very open and there’s nothing wrong with being open.  People act like sex is such a horrible thing and we shouldn’t talk about it but it’s a natural thing.  If what Renee is saying is her true life, she sounds like one of my characters in Risque The Erotica Short Story Novel.  You don’t have that book yet do you, Renee?


freak- is a male or female that is willing to do every and anything out of the ordinary for their partner’s satisfaction.

Plain and simple and well said Mike!! I totally agree.

I think we all basically agree on what a freak is we just have different ways in explaining it….LOL

I hope you guys enjoyed the first entry in Risque After Dark, it’s not over yet!  Do you agree or disagree with Stacker, Renee, or Mike.  Let them know how you feel about their comments and NO guys I will not get Renee’s number for you….LOL

Again, let me say that I talk about sex a lot but I promote safe sex.  No your status people.  Please get tested before every partner to be safe.  Sex is fun until something unexpected pops up!

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  • Comments (4)
    • Tiffany
    • June 7th, 2010

    A Freak to me is defined as someone that not only does whatever to satisfy thier parnter, but does ANYTHING that satisfies themselves, cuz after all if I’m happy ,ure happy. And most importantly I think a freak is someone that doesnt care how they will be viewed about what they’re doing…there is no proper or improper in bed.ANYTHING GOES!!!!

    • YAYA
    • April 30th, 2010

    SIGH. Reading this makes me realize Im not as innocent as I thought and claimed to be. Im 50% freak. LOL

    • Stacker
    • April 30th, 2010

    Just a little feed back. Renee i Totally agree with you sex should be an art. For example missionary and doggy style should be position used from time to time but not often. There are 99 different positions out there that the average couple dont use. but lets be for real unless you are dealing with man who is secure about himself and is a great communicator he not going to new things on his own. Renee i’m glad to see you reppin for the ladies.

    Mike G. I feel ya keep doing what ya doing……

    • Renee
    • April 29th, 2010

    No I do not have not had a chance to get the book yet where can I get a copy. I enjoyed reading the post.

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