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For today’s post I decided to do something fun.   I’m such a music person (way more than I am a film/tv person, and that’s how I make my living).  Music has always been there for me, it speaks to me in many ways people don’t.  It helps me understand things like love and heartbreak and it helps me understand how a man should make me feel and properly make love to me.  A lot of times when I’m unable to express myself, I can always find a song to do it for me and then have no problem with telling the person to listen to the song.

I didn’t really know what I wanted to write about today until I asked my homegirl Chrissy what she thought I should write about and she suggested me to write about “Sponsorship,” because of Teairra Mari’s new song Sponsor.  Before I hit the topic of “Sponsorship,” aka “Sugar Daddies”  I wanted to do this quick lil count down.  My top 10 Favorite “Sex Songs”.


Silk—————-> FREAK ME

This song is all about the man letting down his guard in the bedroom and only has one thing on his mind and that’s pleasing the woman. Not to mention the fact that they promise to use their tongue on every inch of your body. It’s sexy as hell to a woman when a man is able to tell her exactly what he wants to do to her and not mention anything about what HE wants HER to do to HIM! If someone said this to me, I expect him to show me a couple of new things w/ his freaky self!


This should really be closer to number one in the real world, but this is my world. I love the song and what he’s saying, but it’s not my era so this wouldn’t be the first sex song I put on. I realize without Marvin there will be no R.Kelly, Silk’s or H-Towns. I like this song because he was direct and to the point and didn’t let up even when the woman said no (“or beat around the bush”). He had the power and the sexiness to make anyone change their mind and drop their panties! GET IT MARVIN!


Again fellas it’s sexy as hell to let a woman know that you want her and you want her so much you can’t wait! This was Ginuwine in his prime and he was one of the sexiest R&B singers out at this time so he could have been singing about some ponies and we would have loved it (Oh wait he did…LOL). Besides him being sexy, the entire song exuded sex.


Ladies we all know how it feels to be at home alone and the only thing we can think about is making love to the one we’re with. You’ve been turned on all day and you’re driving yourself crazy with your thoughts. Right before you pull out your vibrator, he finally walks in and puts it on you so good he leaves your ass SPEECHLESS! Beyonce doesn’t make many “Sexing in the Bed” songs but this one should definitely be in your “Sex Play list”


For all you guys that have called Tevin “tangy” at one point in your life, I don’t care what you say! This song right here is enough proof for me to let him hit this any and every type of way imaginable. I was young when this song came out but I remember being turned on by it and wanting him to break it down with me (I had an imagination, GOODNESS!). “What’s my name baby?” “Tevin!”

Jodeci—————> Feenin

To know that your sex is so good to a man that he’s willing to give you his money, house and cars is sexy as hell. Women are just like men we like to know if our va jay-jay is good to you and if we’re putting it down correctly. Jodeci did a great job with letting the women in their lives know they were putting it down! What better song to show off your skills or turn your man into a craze sex addict by freaking him to this song! Good Luck ladies, my man has been hooked for a year! LOL


This song reminds me of that guy (like an ex, a good friend, or your girl’s man) you want to really have sex with but you know it’ll be a mistake. You also know that the only reason why he’s still there in the late night hours is to have sex with you. Any slow joint Floetry put out is sexy, with their sensual mixture of poetry and R&B singing. You can’t really go wrong with them. It makes me think about my old boo, who loves himself some Floetry.

NE-Yo ———————–> SAY IT

There are sometimes where I like to be in control (well most of the time) but I love it when the man takes control and I’m able to take the back seat. Ne-Yo does exactly that with this song. To be honest with you this is the first song I click on in my “Sex Play List” He makes the woman he’s with tell him what she wants and he’s not going to do it until she says it. And he’s being a total ass hole by knowing exactly what she wants and still aint doing it. Either way, this song turns me on!


Janet is my girl! She’s always been a freak and she’s not afraid to say exactly what she wants to say. I gave her props for masturbating on her Velvet Rope album. In this songs she’s telling the man what she want to do to him. “I just want to kiss you, suck you, taste you, ride you, make you cum too (as if you guys don’t cum)” This song is hot from the minute it comes on, I get turned on by this song and I’m a female….LOL I just wish more people can be as sexually expressive as Janet and I (we put it in an art form). Poor guy in the video…LOL

R.Kelly —————–> All of Em (LOL)

Seriously I tried to pick just one R. Kelly song for number 1 but I just couldn’t so here’s a video of 12 Play (since you guys know I like to be told what to do). Are you really surprised that he’s number one? I hope not. R. Kelly is the best at making sex songs and no one can top him and I challenge anyone of you to try to think of someone who can make a woman’s panties wetter than R.Kelly can. This man has just as many sales from men as women because men know they better have some R.Kelly on rotation if they plan on getting us in the mood. The Pied Piper of R&B had definitely earned his title.

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