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The Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden fruit:  Something that is off limits, tempting the human being to want it more.   We all have had things at times that we know we’re not suppose to have because it comes with consequences.  Just like when Eve convinced Adam to eat the forbidden fruit…..and ladies we all know how that turned out.

In the world of sex there’s a new forbidden fruit, and guess what?  We possess it, and men want it. What is this forbidden fruit, you ask?  Why…no other than your ass, booty, derriere, apple bottom, rump, caboose, gluteus maximus did I mention ASS.  No matter what you choose to call it ladies, there are a lot of men who will love to take a dip in the ummmm you know, butt hole.

So what’s the big deal with letting your man sex the “other hole”?  Most of the time we like to blame it on the man.   We say: I don’t know.  He just seems a little suspect to be asking me to do it up the butt. OR just the pure thought of it’s painful, which is understandable.  The truth is ladies that most of us are scared.

Like I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I think everyone should try everything at least once.  I’m not going put all my business out there but I’m sure most of us women have been approached by out men at sometime about anal sex.  I talked to my guy roommate who’s gay.  I asked him what he thought about straight men asking women to enter the “other hole.”  He explained to me in relationships men love to feel like every single part of you belongs to him.  They want to explore every nook & cranny of your body and come up with new ways to please you and themselves.

So Ladies, what do you do when your man approaches you with this question?  Before you channel your inner Whitney Houston and shout out “Hell to da naw” remember: WHAT YOU WON’T DO SOMEONE ELSE WILL.  If this man is someone you really care about & see yourself with long-term then you should take in my advice.  All I ask is that you try ALMOST everything once, if you don’t like it then don’t do it again but at least you tried it.

I’m sure that it’s not that bad *Giggle, Giggle*.  If you’re brave enough to try this freaky sex act here are a couple of tips to help it go smoothly.

1. Better Safe Than Sorry

Remember whether you decide to go raw dawg or use a condom while doing this.  Nothing that goes inside of the anus should go inside of the vagina.  Before switching holes make sure you change the condom and/or wash his penis thoroughly before entering the vagina.  The vagina is very sensitive to bacteria and it can cause infections such as bacteria vaginosis & yeast infection.


This is self-explanatory.  The more lube you use, the easier it’ll be for the penis to slid in & the more enjoyable the experience will be.  There are all types of lubes ranging from $3 to $15. Or you can get more creative and use things like spit, baby oil, and Vaseline.  If you’re in the shower soap also serves as good lube.

3. Advice from Monique: “Relax all you muscles”

You have to relax your entire body.  Believe it or not the more tense you are the more it’ll hurt making your first experience uncomfortable.  You have to also mentally relax.  So relax ALL YOUR MUSCLES!

4. One Step At a Time

Please by all means before you decide to go through with this, sit down and have a conversation with him.  Let him know that you will be calling all the shots.  He must take it slow, ease his way in inch by inch until he’s fully inside of you.  If you’re working with someone with a huge penis then it may not fully go all the way in and that’s ok because remember this hole is meant to be an exit only door not an enter one.

Enjoy guys!  Tell me how it goes!

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Hi Guys!!!  Welcome to my new blog for Risque The Erotica Short Story Novel.  I want to make this a fun environment for us to share our thoughts, dreams and nightmares about relationships and sex.  I know we all have questions and we may be afraid to face our fears but that’s why I’m here.  I’m here to tackle those taboo topics such as; 3-Somes, Anal Sex, ‘Experimenting,’….LOL, you catch my drift.  I’ll also be discussing serious situations such as; STDs, impotency & domestic violence.

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