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A couple of days ago I presented to you The Top 5 Things Women Should Stop Doing and I hope you all enjoyed it. In that same post I also promised you a men’s version of that article and here it is. 

Stop Leading Women On
Listen, I can’t say this enough…. STOP leading women on just so you can get what you want because contrary to what you think, if a woman wants to be with you she will.  The lies you tell in the beginning will only make things worse at the end (and there will be an end).  Are you really that afraid to be honest about what you want and who you are?  I had one guy tell me that he did it because he didn’t want anyone else to have her, but mean while he was out doing his thing while she believed they were in a relationship. I know plenty of women who would be ok with having a friend with benefits situation but you gotta be honest and upfront with her. You can get much further with a woman if you stop playing with her emotions for your benefit. Playing with a woman’s emotions is the perfect recipe to turn a woman crazy and now you’re caught up in a real life fatal attraction like Martin. 

Stop Being Flaky

Most women prefer consistency and that’s something we normally get in the beginning of our relationships. In the beginning of the relationship men are willing to do anything to get our attention, they’re soooo into us, they call us every morning just to say have a nice day, call before we go to bed, occasionally take us on dates, tell us how beautiful we are and once we latch on to their hook and become just as into them, things change. The phone calls slow down, it takes him longer to respond to text messages, he begins to come up with excuses as to why he can’t see you (the reason is mostly work but you were also working when you first met). Now all of a sudden we’re sitting here like, what the heck happened to the guy I first met? I understand that things change a little once you’re settled in a relationship but simple things like communication should remain consistent. We fell for you because of your consistency in the beginning not your flaky ways you began to showcase in the middle of our relationship. 

One thing I’ve learned as an adult is if someone wants to be with you, they would. If someone wants to call you, they would. When you don’t do the things you say you don’t have the time for any more we tend to not have time for you anymore….. but that’s probably what you wanted anyway…..and oh! If you wanna break it off with the girl, just tell her. Don’t go ghost or do things to make her mad to try and get her to leave you. That’s petty & childish, which leads us to our next topic……. 

Act Your Age, Not Your Shoe Size 

I know this is an old saying but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right? I also know this title doesn’t have the word “stop” in it but keep reading. A lot of different things can fall in to this section but I’ll do my best to keep it simple. There are a lot of grown men (let’s say 28 and up) out here doing very childish things but always broadcasting how much of a man they are.  Listen up, real men don’t have to broadcast the fact that they’re “grown ass men.” We see your beard, we know you’re a man. Real mean allow their actions to speak for them. Real men can walk or ride a bike to work because they understand that they have to take care of their family by any means necessary. To help you out further, here’s a list of things you should stop doing if you’re a “grown ass man.”

– Stop living beyond your means. Yes you need a car, but do you really need a 2017 Benz, only to have it repossessed a few months later. While you’re busy tricking everyone into believing you got it “made”, your lights are getting turned off at home. 

-Stop disrespecting women, a real man will walk away. 

– You kinda shouldn’t be living with your mom. The only exception to this is if you’re taking care of her & not the other way around. 

-Stop comparing your growth to others around you. Everyone isn’t meant to be as successful as the next so instead of complaining and wondering why them and not you, try figuring out how they became successful and begin working hard towards your goal. 

Stop Buying Magnums When You Should Be Buying Lifestyles

The title of this may sound funny but I’m serious…. Lol I know that it’s probably an ego thing with most of you and you would feel less of a man if you walked up to the counter with anything other than Magnums. You want everyone behind the counter and behind you in line to know that you’re “hung like a horse.”  Guess what everyone isn’t and its quite ok for you not to be because believe me, just because you pull out that gold wrapper it’s not going to magically make your partner believe that you’re larger than you are. 

Now, let me remind you why this isn’t funny. When you wear a condom that doesn’t fit you properly, it comes off so much easier and now the both of you are exposed to each other & if she’s not on birth control she could possibly become pregnant. Now you’re worried about diseases and pregnancy, all because you wanted to front in front of strangers in the pharmacy and buy the wrong-sized condoms, you my friend just wasted money. Please take my advice and buy the appropriate size, if she’s with you then she’s ok with whatever you may be holding, now it’s time for you to be ok with it. 

Stop Messing A Good Woman Up For The Next Man

Now I really contemplated hard about putting this one on this list but I ultimately decided to include because it actually came from a man, so if he said this about his own, then it must be true (he also said “and vice-versa” but he missed the women’s post). So to all of you men who are abusing and mistreating your women, just do us all a favor and let her go before you do anymore damage. When you constantly mistreat your woman and she stays, she gets used to it and eventually she’ll begin to think that this is how she should be treated and then she begins to feel worthless because by this time her self-esteem has hit rock bottom. 

When she finally gets the strength to leave you, she’s damaged goods & she’s built an unbreakable wall around her. Now she’s unwilling to give the next guy a chance because of her last experience. She becomes the “angry black woman” that a lot of men love to talk about and the number one reason why some black men only date outside of their race. But if you actually took the time out to ask her why she’s so angry, your feelings about her may change. Men be gentle with us, I know we’re super strong (that’s only because we have to be) but we’re just as fragile on the inside. 

I contemplated putting this on the list because I believed that women play a role in this too for staying. Then I realized that leaving and getting over something like this is not as easy as it seems. Especially because as women, we’re fixers, we want to make everything ok and by the time we realize that a person can’t be fixed or changed, it’s too late for us and then we become the victim. Just let her go. 

Honestly it wasn’t as easy for me to come up with 5 great ones. I came up with a lot but I really wanted this one to resonate because men keep doing the same ol’ things with no regard to women or themselves. I’m sure this post won’t change any lives but hopefully it’ll open a few eyes, so share this with a man near you. 





Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to look in the mirror and recognize stuff about ourselves, no matter how many times we’re told by others.  I want us to be great and not foolish so I’ve come up with a list of things we gotta stop doing as women (Don’t worry men, your list is coming up next).  Below you’ll find of list of things you gotta try and stop doing.


This might be the most important one on the list.  Just this past week, I was talking to someone who was recently reconnected with her ex-boyfriend.  She started talking about how he’s the one, how she could see herself marrying & having kids with and I was like whoa, whoa, whoa!   After telling her she was acting a little crazy I realized that a lot of women do this.  We do this because we always believe in the fantasy, we always believe that our prince charming is on the way and we get wrapped up in the thought of it all.  We start imagining our kids running around in a yard we’ve never seen before, we imagine sending our husbands off every morning with mind blowing sex and then two weeks later reality knocks on our door and we realize he’s not the one.

My advice to all of you fairy tale believers is just try to live in the moment and focus on the right now.  When it comes time for the TWO of you to think about the future, the TWO of you WILL be on the same page and it won’t be just you and your mind planning your entire future with someone you just met.  Men move a lot slower than us and even if they know they want to be with us forever, it’ll take them a lot longer than 24 hours to figure it out.


I’ve never been the one to snoop because I’m a firm believer of if you snoop you shall find….sooooo let’s get into this.  The only way that I would ever suggest snooping to someone is if some said to me “I swear fo goodness, If I find something I’m leaving him and I’m never looking back,” but how often does a woman actually leave a man when she finds evidence of him cheating?  Not often.  So what’s the point of snooping to find something so the two of you can argue about it just for you to stay. I honestly believe if you’re searching for something, you already know.  So stop snooping if it actually won’t make a difference if you stay or leave and not to mention it makes you look and feel crazy as hell when you snoop and you don’t find anything.


Now this is something that I’ve just recently discovered about us.  I was pleading my case to someone and I KNEW that I was right.  I mean I presented an exhibit A, B, & C while he presented nothing but three words and then he wrapped it up with, “you were just looking too deep into it.”  At that moment, I was like nah this is bull crap I mean you can’t really beat evidence right. LOL.  Then the next morning I’m watching the morning news and the female host is reading off the number one thing that men and women do that bothers the other sex and what do you know!  Looking too deep into things was the answer for women and not looking too deep into things was the answer for men.  Most men think one dimensional, very simple.  For example, if a guy thinks we’re dealing with someone on Facebook he’ll probably just check out the other guy’s page.  Not us, we will check the girl’s page, look through all their photos for the ones he liked, then we’re going to find her best friend’s page and look for jokes they may have shared with our man, go through her pics, then send those pics to our best friend to get their opinion…..LOL  We just do too much, keep your thought process simple, try and back it up when your mind gets to the third level of thinking.


This is pretty much self explanatory, if you’re tired of your man disrespecting you, coming home late, cheating, flirting on Facebook or whatever the case may be, stop arguing with him about it over and over and over sounding like a broken record.  If he hasn’t stopped by now, you then need to decide if it’s something you can deal with or not.  If you can’t deal with it leave him and if you’re going to stay stop brining the same ol’ stuff up.  After a certain point men stop taking our threats about leaving them seriously if they continue to stay after they’ve treated us like crap.  Why should they stop?  The worst that will happen in their mind is that they may have to hear your mouth for a couple of hours.  Either leave or shut up, people rarely change.


Yeah, I know, I know, it’s your body you can do what you want to do with it and give it to who ever you want to give it to….blah, blah, blah.  I have to tell you, if you’re going to do that, then I need for you to be prepared for the consequences and the backlash.  What do I mean?  I mean, don’t go looking for a relationship or respect from someone you gave up to a minute after meeting them.  I understand that one night stands or a friends with benefit type of situation may sometime turn into a real relationship but don’t feel some type of way when you see the person you gave it up to last night and he acts as if he doesn’t know you because guess what?! He probably sees you as a jump-off.  If that doesn’t bother you, then hoe on!  But if you think you’ll feel some type of way, let him prove himself worthy of your lady parts, even if it’s all about sex.  Everyone shouldn’t have the privilege to get in between your legs, leave some mystery to yourself.

There are of course plenty of other things that we should probably stop doing but these are the ones that stuck out to me the most.  Also, some of these rules can be thrown out if you’re married.  You have the right to do most of these when you’re married. 🙂   What are your thoughts?  Do you agree?  Disagree?  Let me know!





Forbidden Fruit Pt. 2



A while back I wrote an article titled Forbidden Fruit ( about women being open about letting their partner experiment with their anus, rather it be oral, fondling or actual intercourse.  The reason I wrote that is because I had a lot of men reach out to me telling me that their women would not allow them anywhere near their forbidden fruit (anus).  Now I believe if you’re with someone that you trust you should be willing to allow them to have every part of you, at least once; you gotta say you tried it.  Which brings me to the purpose of this article, men you should also allow women to have every part of you.

Yes, men I think you should allow your women to explore your forbidden fruit.  Now hear me out!  We’ve all heard of the infamous G-spot that we women have that causes us to scream to the mountain top,  shake as if we have epilepsy and erupt with pure bliss.  Well fellas you all have one too (your prostate gland), it just so happens to be located about two to three inches inside of your rectum.

I know 99.99999% of you straight men will never allow your women to go near your forbidden fruit because it’ll “make you gay.”  To me that’s such bull crap, if you believe that, then you definitely don’t understand what defines one as a homosexual.  Have I lost you yet? I hope not, keep reading.

Once you get past the fact that allowing a woman near your forbidden fruit doesn’t make you gay, let’s talk about how you can enjoy it.  First relax alllll your muscles….LOL, sike I’m just playing (but women if you’re going to let a man enter your forbidden fruit, that’s the number one rule).  I’m not asking you to allow your woman to get a strap on and enter you or even insert a finger.  Just first start by allowing her to lick in that area (of course you better be very clean), now that’s going to feel good and a part of you will want to resist because it feels so good but just lay back and allow it to happen.

Next, allow her to add some pressure, just with her tongue, her mouth or a finger (not inserting it) which will allow her to sort of fondle your g-spot without entering.  From there you will have one of the best orgasms.  Now take this information and try and convince your woman to do these things to you.  You’re welcome in advance!





Oral Sex Tutorial With Special Guest Host Adam Acosta, Head PhD







Hi guys and welcome back to my second installment of the Art Imitates Life Series.  Today’s inspiration comes from the movie Something New, starring Sanaa Lathan and Simon Baker.  If you’ve been with me since the beginning of this blog I’m sure you’ll recall my first blog Something New, if not you can check it out here.  I decided to do a part II to tackle the actual issue of interracial dating first hand.  The first blog was about my something new, dating an older man so I decided to watch the movie again to put it in perspective for everyone.

I’m sure most of you have seen it and right off the bat it reminded me of the 1967 film Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner starring Sidney Poitier but in reverse.  Sanaa’s character Kenya was the one from a wealthy family while her love interest Brian was a hard working landscaper who happened to be white.  Kenya’s friend decides to hook her up on a blind date which was immediately ended as soon as she discovered he was white.  Kenya leaves Starbucks leaving Brian long behind her, or that’s what she thought until she hires a landscaper who turns out to be him.  Through out the many weeks Brian spent at her house working on her back yard, she finally falls for him until he starts asking questions about her weave (LOL, that was the funniest scene ever).  She overreacts and kicks him out, begins dating a black man (that fine Blair Underwood) until she realizes she’s not happy with the successful, handsome and probably hung black man.  Because that’s not who her heart wanted, her heart wanted Brian, the white man she was too embarrassed to be with, the one her mom didn’t accept.  We all know what happens, she ends up following her heart to be Brian.

That was a really short version of the movie but through out it Kenya dealt with her own issues as well as society’s issues and a lot of times when people are faced with those dilemmas society usually wins and that’s not fair to yourself.  Now I’ve never personally dated outside of my race but I don’t have anything against it.  Maybe society has secretly hypnotized me to believe that I’m supposed to be with a black man, I don’t know.  I do find other races attractive but I’ve never ventured outside of my race and I believe that more men venture outside of their race than women.  Why?  Because for men to be with someone outside of their race it becomes exotic, it’s a fantasy, it’s something out of the norm to them that they want to conquer.  Men also have a lot to look at, they can see the size of her breast, her ass, her face, her hair, sometimes even the size of her vajussy that makes them want to be with a woman.  When women look at men we see his face, arms, sometimes chest.  We can’t see the real money maker which is in his pants, we can’t see his penis to be like yeah he can get it.  We have to wait to come say hi, meet and greet before we find out what’s in the pants to make us instantly say yes he can get it, but you men can stand from across the room and say yes I’ll fuck her.  Let’s be real, a man is only interested in a woman that he wants to fuck.  The only time a woman can look at a man from across the room and say I’ll fuck him is if he’s fine as hell.  So it’s easier for a man to date outside their race, they don’t see race they see ass.

Interracial dating has been a serious issue for as long as many of you can remember and that’s because racism is still very much alive.  I’ll tell you this because I’m always honest with you all, the only time I’ve ever felt some type of way about interracial dating is when it’s a man that I could possibly be interested in.  If you’re ugly and not my type I don’t give a crap who you’re with, but I don’t hate and I say to each it’s own.  She just got to him before I did, good for you! LOL.  This is what does anger me, when I come across black men who say and believe “I don’t date black women because they don’t know how to treat a man like a white woman does.”  That seriously angers me because you’re putting all of us in a box, we all aren’t the same.  It’s the type of women you’ve attracted that don’t know how to treat a man, get a different type of black woman and I guarantee you that black woman will treat you good.

Whoever you decide to be with no matter race, sex, or age you have to do what makes YOU happy because you know what, when you go home and lay down in your bed there’s only one person laying beside you not the entire world.  You must learn how to be comfortable with your decision and not allow others to dictate how you feel or what you should do.  Your happiness should be the only thing that’s important to you.  For a couple of months I was embarrassed to be with a 46 year old man, but that man is fine, he treats me good and he makes me happy so what the hell was I embarrassed for?

If you’re not comfortable with it, believe me the relationship will not work.  I know plenty of interracial couples who’s relationships ended just because of the looks people gave them, the whispers they’ve heard, the junk their friends were talking.  Like I told you before don’t let other people in your relationship, it’s just you and partner.  Maybe you don’t need to be in an interracial relationship if you can’t handle the pressures that come along with it, because people are going to talk (it may not be right but it’s going to happen).  Love should be enough, the love you have for someone should be way stronger than some outside talk.  If you let something as small as that dictate your relationship than you should stick with your own race.

For those of you who throw out the outlandish comments and are advocates for hate.  Go get a life, find something constructive to do and leave them alone.  If its something you seriously, seriously hate to see, do me a favor……just think about the love of your life (no matter what color) and imagine if the world didn’t want you to be together and said every hurtful thing possible to break you up and you fell into it.  Wouldn’t you be sad, upset and hurt?  Why would you want anyone else to feel your pain?  It always helps when you place your feet in the other person’s shoes, if the world thought that way we would have peace but unfortunately it doesn’t.

Good luck to all my interracial couples out there!  Keep your head up!

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Love, Peace and Freakiness!

R.L. Wynder

What Makes a Man a Bad F*&%……From The Female’s Prospective!

Ok Ladies, my last post was catered to the men and how they really feel about us in bed.  They went in on us ladies and I thank each and every last one of my contributors because we can’t get better at anything if we don’t know what we need to improve on.  So, the guys had their chance to vent now it’s our turn.  I must say that I’m very disappointed in the number of women that responded but I’m grateful for the few comments I did receive because they’re really good!  My good lady friends have spoken and let’s hear what they have to say in their opinion on what makes a man a bad sex partner!

I think you all know that I hold nothing back on my site and I give it to you straight and to the point and this one is no different.  Let’s GO!!!!

Patricia Lee, Eastern Shore, VA

“When they change positions every 2 mins. and when they stop every 6 strokes to stop from cumin fast.”

She makes a wonderful point guys!  First off guys let me say that I understand why you change positions as often as you do, if you do.  It’s because the vajussy that you’re in is so good that you can’t handle it, or you’re just very weak, wack and haven’t gotten any in a minute (take your pick).  Let me explain what switching positions and stopping every 6 strokes does for us women…..NOT A DAMN THING!!! You’re not giving us enough time to enjoy the position, to feel the position to allow your dick to massage our G-Spot enough to even give us an orgasm.  Which is why it’s much harder for us to cum.  Think about it, no matter what the position is, guys you are still getting stroked up and down giving you the same feeling the entire time.  For women the change of position or stopping could prevent us from having an orgasm because our sexual buttons are no longer being stimulated and then we have to start all over and build back up to our orgasm.  It’s just a turn off guys.

Here’s how you can save yourself.  Jerking off before you have sex can help prevent you from prematurely ejaculating during intercourse.  You can also use masturbation as a means of practice.  How?  You can practice not coming, when you’re on the verge of coming try to fight the feeling and use those same practices while you’re having sex.

There are also creams and gels to help you stay in the vajussy longer.  The creams will help desensitize your penis, allowing you to live in the sauce longer than usual.  You can find these creams over the counter in sex shops, Ricki’s and in your local drug stores.  Ginseng, is another method of giving you more stamina and energy (they come in drops as well as pills).

You can also practice something called the “Squeeze Method.”  When you feel like you’re about to come, squeeze the tip of your penis firmly for 10 to 20 seconds.  This will prolong ejaculation.  And as always if you prolong the four-play session and please the hell out of your woman, we may over look the fact that you can’t hang.  Remember, you can’t lack in both areas!

Christina Simon, Eastern Shore of VA

“I’m going to say a small packaged man. Sorry size does matter in my book. If I cant feel ya I can’t be with you lmao. If its the right size I can make it good cuz I will lead, but if it’s too small my stomach and head will hurt, I’m out lol.”

Guys you’ve heard this soooo many times.  Just in case you don’t know, let me remind you that we don’t give a flying crap about the motion of the ocean, if your boat isn’t large enough then we’re not going to sail that ship.  Size really does matter to us women.  Why?  A small penis effects our mental and our physical state.  For example, if we’re involved in a hot and heavy session of four play and our undies are soaked with our juices and we’re ready to go and then we place our hand on your small ass penis, our vajussy will dry up in a second.  Women who are extremely nice may continue and decide to have sex with you out of sympathy but strong minded, vocal women will let you know it ain’t happening.

Unfortunately men there is really no cure for the small dick disease.  I have yet to hear of one cream, oil or pump that actually enlarges a man’s penis but if you don’t believe me feel free to try.  You can find all types of products online and I refuse to look up any for you because they don’t work.  BUT here is a piece of advice you better learn how to eat the vajussy like you’ve never eaten it before, you better become the king of eating Vajussy, you better eat it so well that the woman forgets all about the fact that you have the smallest penis she’s ever seen.

Joi De Vivre, New York, NY

“If he sweats profusely and humps like a jack rabbit, all the while keeping his eyes closed lol.”

Joi actually gives me two problems in this one statement so I’ll start off with the sweating.  Some men can’t help the sweat, but I understand that too much sweat starts to feel a little disgusting.  When my guy sweats, he sweats just enough and leaves a light coat of it on my body and I think that’s sexy.  But if it’s dripping everywhere that may become a little unbearable.  There’s not much you can do but I suggest you keep a towel by the bed so that you can wipe the sweat off in between pumps.  Try having sex in the shower, if you sweat she’ll never know because you both are already wet….. 🙂  Ladies if you have this issue and are afraid to say it to your man, try suggesting the shower that way you’re not criticizing him and he’ll think you just want to be freaky.

2nd issue, the infamous Jack Rabbit pump.  For those of you that don’t know what that means, it means pumping extremely fast. Men I’ll tell you this right now, pumping really fast is selfish, immature and shows the lack of your sexual skills.  Let’s start off with selfish, we all know the quicker you pump, the quicker you come which then leaves us upset, frustrated and most of all orgasmless!  Immature can also fall under selfish because only an immature person will be for self during sex.  The more mentally mature you are the more you understand that your job is to please your partner.  LACK OF SEXUAL SKILLS: If you knew anything at all about sex you wouldn’t perform this horrible move.  It also let’s me know that you know no other moves but this one.  It does nothing for us women and it fucks our heads up.

Ladies, I blame this on you too because you should learn how to be more vocal about what you want in bed, stop him, grab him by the waist and guide his ass the way you want him to.  If you’re too afraid to do that tell him to stop because you a fool if you lay there and allow him to jack hammer your Vajussy.

MEN please know that we HATE this type of stroke and if you’re doing because you’ve seen it done in porn, do me a favor and take a look at the woman’s face I can promise you she’s not enjoying it.   And guess what?  We talk about it too, we’ll go back and tell our homegirls what a horrible fuck you were, I have a homegirl right now who talks about how much she hates it when a man fast pumps.  So please just take my advice and I’ll promise you, your lady will love you a little bit more.

I would like to thank Patrica Lee, Chrissy Simon & Joi De Vivre (I don’t think that’s her real last name….LOL) for contributing to my post.  I write for you all and I love to write what you want me to write and I especially love it it when you contribute to the post. Please leave a comment and subscribe to my blog.

Until Next Post……Love, Peace and Freakiness!!!

What Makes a Woman A bad F*#K!….From The Man’s Perspective

Ladies, today I’ve decided to become the voice of the men, because so many of them believe that I’m one sided & I like to see myself as an equal minded person.  So I threw out the question to them “What makes a woman a bad lay?”  Aka bad fuck or bad vajussy.  I asked my gentlemen friends on facebook and twitter and I got some very interesting responses.  I told the guys I would take their responses, present them to the ladies while giving helpful tips on how NOT to be a bad lay.

To my surprise :O, most of the men said the same thing which shocked me because it’s the number 1 rule in sex.  Ladies shame on you, I curse you with the bad sex stick for breaking this simple ass rule.  But I’m not going to curse you just yet, let’s start off with a different one.

Jason Brown, 29 from the Eastern Shore of Va said: that he hates when a woman doesn’t smell good and if you smell bad you should wash.  (Believe me he didn’t put it as nicely as I did).

Ladies I agree with Jason you should be taking better care of yourself hygienically, but if washing is not the issue there are ways to get rid of the bad odor.  First of all ladies know your body and understand your body because our bodies can be very weird and react differently with certain things.  It could be several other reasons why you have a bad odor other than being trifling.  If you are having an odor issue, I strongly suggest you make an appointment with your OBGYN ASAP!  Please don’t be embarrassed because you’re not the only woman having this issue.  You may have an STD and that’s something washing can’t control.

For those of you who don’t have a STD, you may have something called Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) which is the imbalance of bacterial in the vaginal which happens to be the most common vaginal infection.  Women have natural bacteria in the vagina, but when there’s a build up of bad bacteria all hell hell breaks loose.  LISTEN UP MEN!  This can effect all women clean, dirty, classy and trashy.  So ease up on them and encourage them to go see a doctor.  The doctor will either give you antibiotics or a gel to help balance out the bacteria.  It may come back but there are things you can do to help it not return.  1. NO colored wash cloths.  The dye in the cloths can irritate your vagina and throw your balance off.  2.  Do not wear thongs every day!  Its almost as if you’re wiping from back to front and we all know that’s a no no.  3. Stay away from wearing tight clothes every day.  Let your vajussy breathe sometimes.  4.  Incorporate yogurt in your diet, it’s very good for women.  5. Take a daily vitamin, a probiotic called Acidophilus.  It’s like yogurt in a pill.  6.  Don’t keep wet, or damp undies on.  That’s a growing place for bacterial.  7.  If you know your body, know the different condoms and how you react to them because they can make a difference also.  There are others but this should put you on the right path.

Jonathan Smith, 29 says: “When a chick braggs on how good her stuff is and when you get it the shit dry and wack and you can’t hit it the way u want to cause they say it hurts.”

Ladies always remember: Actions speak Louder than Words!  Explore your own body before you go bragging.  If you can’t get your own vajussy wet how do you expect someone else to get it wet and if it’s not wet how can you possibly think the man can enjoy it.  If you know that you’re dry ladies there are some over the counter products (water base is best) that can help you with that.

Causes of vaginal dryness:

Your sensitive vaginal chemistry may be reacting to another kind of chemistry?in harsh alkaline soaps, for example. Or you may be drying up as part of an allergicresponse to perfumes or dyes. As you get closer to the years of menopause, lowered estrogen levels may also cause dryness of the vagina. And certain skin conditions may interfere with vaginal lubrication.

Symptom Relief:

Change up your soap.  The vagina is not meant to be sterile but I’m glad someone decided to say hey, I think we should wash this thing…..LOL.  You should try to use hypoallergenic soap with no dyes or fragrances.  The best is probably Ivory but I like the original Dove as my personal choice.  That means, no body washes, peppermint soaps, caress or any of those perfume soaps.  Speaking of perfumes, don’t spray any perfume in or around the vajussy BAD IDEA!

Your laundry detergent and toilet paper may also have an effect.  Only use soft, white unscented toilet paper.  Even cheap hard white toilet paper can be bad.  If it’s caused by your detergent you may need to switch brands until you find something that matches your body’s chemistry.

Again, LEARN your body.  Learn what makes you lubricate (moist/wet).  If you’re laying on your back most of the lubricate can fall to the back causing painful intercourse.  Before you begin try dipping your fingers in and lubricating the outside of the vagina.

Ladies……The more you have sex, the more lubrication you make!  So have fun with making lubrication if the problem persists check with your doctor because he or she may be able to tell you the exact problem.

The biggest issue of All…….DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!!!

This was said by: Jason Brown, Derek Reynolds, Rome Johnson, Deonndray Harmon, & Travis Tyrone-Davis aka @MRstunz (follow him, comedy for days).

The wackest sex of all is women who just lay there and not do anything!  WHAT?!  Ladies, you know good ass damn well that, that’s the number one rule to sex period.  Don’t you hate it when we’re on top and the man isn’t doing anything but laying there?  It’s the same damn thing.  Sex should be 50/50.  He thrust you push, he licks you suck.  Plain and simple no questions asked.  And I say these things giving that you are having sex with someone you’re in a relationship with and care for deeply because you can’t just lick and suck on everyone.  I see sex as a competition with myself and my main goal is to please the man and make him come harder than the last time.  So here’s a tip ladies, stop being lazy selfish ass women and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you do the opposite of him, if he’s withdrawing the penis you push towards it because think about it if you do the same moves as him the penis will never stay in AND it just feels natural.  Be smart ladies!

I would just like to thank Darrell Conquest & Adam Cottrell  for also giving me their thoughts.  They both believe that communication is the key and makes for better sex.  I agree with both of them because if something is wrong or not right in the bedroom you better believe Tony and I talk about it and we fix it.

Ladies I’m still waiting on your complaints on what makes a man a bad lay.  As soon as I get them I can write an article for us!  OH and my girl Angie B asks if the girl is a bad lay, then why do you men keep sleeping with them?  Answer that!!!

Thanks for reading guys,

Love, Peace and Freakiness!!!

RL Wynder