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Risque The Novel

Experience Risque

Same Book, 2 Covers

Risque: The Erotica Short Story Novel is an addictive intoxicating piece of
work, which includes 14 alluring stories guaranteed to leave you ‘jonesing’
for more than your next read.  Risque extends an open invitation for you to
join the world of each character and experience the same electrifying
sensations as those portrayed in this spicy novel.   This racy compilation
of short stories also allows you to walk Hand in hand with euphoria as it
takes you on an invigorating trip full of spine tingling adventures.

Risque will be available on Amazon’s Kindle really soon.  They’ll also be an opportunity to order Risque off line in the upcoming days.  Shoot me an email ( or leave a message if you’re interested in a copy of Risque!