Risque is NOW available on most E-Readers through Smashwords Click Here To purchase.

To Buy Risque The Novel Click on the Risque Image Below. Please Read fully before doing so.

You will be redirected to a paypal page and if you don’t have Pay Pal you must sign up for it.  It’s a safe, easy way to buy products online.

Once you sign in, you have to put the $ amount in yourself (If it’s not correct I will not send you the product, nor will I reimburse  you (unless it’s too much) because it’ll cost me to do so.  If you do make a mistake and put the wrong $ amount in, the product will be sent once the full amount is paid  So PLEASE make sure you put the correct amount in the $ amount field.

The correct amount is $18.95 ($14.95 for the book and $4.00 for Shipping and Handling).

The product will be shipped to you in less than 7 days.

To Purchase Risque The Novel For Kindle………..Click Here

As always I thank you for your support and prayers.  Remember I write for you, so thank you for allowing me to do so!

Love, Peace & Freakiness

R.L. Wynder

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