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Is It Ever Too Early To Know You Love Someone?


We’ve all been in the position before where we’ve met a nice man or woman and everything about him or her seems so perfect and we wonder where the hell has this person has been all of my life? After a few weeks of bliss things are still the same, then months past and before you know it the two of you have hit 6 months.  You sit down and you wonder how you’ve made it through 20/30 something odd years without this person and then you realize that “hey, I think I love this person.” Then your mind starts playing tricks on you, maybe it’s not love, maybe I’m just in love with the sex or maybe I’m just infatuated.  The only reason you’re questioning yourself is because it’s only been 6 months.  Can you really love someone in 6 months, is 6 months too early to know that you love someone?

In my opinion there should be no time limit on love, if you know you know.  Let’s not get anything confused, there are stipulations to this.  Speaking to someone for a year through a dating app or site is not the same as knowing someone and physically seeing them for 6 months.  Believe it or not, I’ve heard of cases where people agree to be in a relationship with someone they’ve never met.  To me, that’s crazy but to each it’s own.  It’s easy to deal with someone through the phone or behind a screen.  You can pick up when you want to, write back when you want to.  The other person can’t see when you’re rolling your eyes or not, you can’t see how the other person lives, and most importantly you can’t verify anything that they’re saying with your own eyes. He could tell you that he’s the CEO of a fortune 500 company but leave everyday to sell oil on the street.  So for those of you who claim you’re in love with a person you’ve never met, I’m going to have to call bullshit on it.

Why am I calling bullshit on it?  I’m calling bullshit on it because you must give yourself time to learn one another, to know one another and that’s the big difference with an exclusive online relationship vs. a personal one.  When you’re in a relationship with someone you see on occasion or everyday for 6 months, you have the opportunity to figure each other out, to see how the other half lives and you still have enough time to decide if you can deal with the way the other person is or not.  I like to think that during the honeymoon phase (the first three months) people give you their best self, not to say what you see isn’t a part of who they  are but they’re careful in not showing you their ugly side (we all have an ugly side).  After those three months they begin to let their guard down and reveal more of themselves, if you like what you see you stay.

So, can you really love someone in 6 months, yes you can but it doesn’t mean that the two of you are meant to be together or that you won’t have rough times, it just simply means that you love him or her.  I think one problem we have as humans is that we think that we’re supposed to be with everyone we love, but that’s a different blog so I won’t get into that, today.  Remember to just take your time, don’t be stupid.  A lot of times we see signs of a person we don’t like or we ignore how horrible they make us feel all because we want to force ourselves to be in love with someone.   You can know that you love someone in a short amount of time but be honest with yourself about it, don’t stay just because you want someone.