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Forbidden Fruit Pt. 2



A while back I wrote an article titled Forbidden Fruit ( about women being open about letting their partner experiment with their anus, rather it be oral, fondling or actual intercourse.  The reason I wrote that is because I had a lot of men reach out to me telling me that their women would not allow them anywhere near their forbidden fruit (anus).  Now I believe if you’re with someone that you trust you should be willing to allow them to have every part of you, at least once; you gotta say you tried it.  Which brings me to the purpose of this article, men you should also allow women to have every part of you.

Yes, men I think you should allow your women to explore your forbidden fruit.  Now hear me out!  We’ve all heard of the infamous G-spot that we women have that causes us to scream to the mountain top,  shake as if we have epilepsy and erupt with pure bliss.  Well fellas you all have one too (your prostate gland), it just so happens to be located about two to three inches inside of your rectum.

I know 99.99999% of you straight men will never allow your women to go near your forbidden fruit because it’ll “make you gay.”  To me that’s such bull crap, if you believe that, then you definitely don’t understand what defines one as a homosexual.  Have I lost you yet? I hope not, keep reading.

Once you get past the fact that allowing a woman near your forbidden fruit doesn’t make you gay, let’s talk about how you can enjoy it.  First relax alllll your muscles….LOL, sike I’m just playing (but women if you’re going to let a man enter your forbidden fruit, that’s the number one rule).  I’m not asking you to allow your woman to get a strap on and enter you or even insert a finger.  Just first start by allowing her to lick in that area (of course you better be very clean), now that’s going to feel good and a part of you will want to resist because it feels so good but just lay back and allow it to happen.

Next, allow her to add some pressure, just with her tongue, her mouth or a finger (not inserting it) which will allow her to sort of fondle your g-spot without entering.  From there you will have one of the best orgasms.  Now take this information and try and convince your woman to do these things to you.  You’re welcome in advance!