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What Do You Do When You Have Bitten Off More Than You Can Chew?


When women get together we talk about sex often, it’s just a natural conversation that comes up. One of the topics that always come up is a man’s penis size, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS.  If it’s small you better believe we’re calling our girlfriends at the first chance we get, hell we’re probably texting them right in front of your face.  If the penis is an average good size, we don’t spend a lot of time talking about it, we’ll say something like “Yeah it was a good size,” and then the girlfriend will follow up with “Does he know how to work it?” Most men fall into the average size category followed by the tiny penis men category.  So that leaves us talking about what we rarely find in a man, a WELLLLLL endowed man, and I’m not talking a very long penis without width, or a wide penis without length but a man who is blessed with both length and width.  A penis that when soft is heavy when you pick it up (yes, I just said that).  A penis that you thought only belonged to porn stars. 

We sit around and we say “I need for my man to have a big penis,” “I only want a king-dinga-ling.”  Yeah, yeah, yeah, we say that because we don’t know what that actually means, or what it actually feels like.  What happens when you’re with a man, you put your hands in his pants, you grab his penis but in your mind you know you’ve made some type of mistake and grabbed his balls and his penis because what you’re currently holding is just too wide (and it’s soft).  But, you take your hand and rub it up and down his shaft only to realize that you didn’t make a mistake and that you’re actually holding the loch ness monster in your hands.  You become excited and you want it right away, the sex begins and you physically can’t handle it, you want to, but your body is telling you other wise.  There’s is no space in your vagina, it sucks up all of your natural fluids without you even telling your body to do so.  It’s at this very moment when you realize you’ve never experienced anything of this nature and you may have bitten off more than you can chew.  

If this is just a fling, fine; finish it up but you have the option to leave him alone without any regrets.  Believe me, I don’t care what he says you’re not hurting his feelings because he’s heard this over and over.  Let’s say this is your boo or husband, someone you’re going to have sex with over and over; you’re going to have to figure out how to make this more comfortable for the both of you.  I have come up with a list of things to help you lucky or not so lucky ladies deal with a well endowed man.  

1.  Naturally the more you have have sex with someone the more your vagina will get used to the very large penis.  So as much as your vagina will allow, have sex with that man.  Morning and night! 

2. You gotta be well lubricated and there’s two ways you can make this happen, natural lubrication and store bought lubrication.  Four play will be really important when dealing with this type of man, make sure you are turned on as you can possibly be.  Your muscle walls will stretch easier and it’ll help prevent soreness (even though you’ll probably still be sore).  When picking an over the counter lube there are two main types; water based and Silicone based.  Water based is best for those who have a sensitive vagina but you will be re-applying it more often.  If you don’t want to have to re-apply as much then you should choose a silicone based lube.  Ladies don’t be ashamed to have to use lube because this is not a normal sized penis you’re dealing with so it’s ok to use a little extra help. Oh, you can also use spit but you will be using a lot of it. 

3.  If you’re in a trusting relationship and you and your partner have discussed not using condoms, then don’t, because the condom will add more friction and you’ll be able to feel the condom go in and out making the soreness worse.  You can also use lube while wearing a condom, a water based lube is best.  

4.  Get yourself a dildo, a large one, something that resembles your man.  Use it on yourself in between the times the two of you have sex.  If you bring this issue up with a doctor, he or she will probably tell you the same thing.  

5.  You have to have communication.  When he puts you in an uncomfortable position let him know, so he can switch it up.  If he’s in too deep, let him know.  Try different positions until you figure out what works best for your body.  If you don’t talk about it neither one of you would know what works best.  Closed mouths don’t get fed.  

6.  Give it time.  Don’t give up on the man because it’s not his fault that he’s blessed in that area.  It’ll get better over time.  Don’t focus on the fact that it’s so large, focus on the parts that make you feel good because if he’s good at what he does, it will feel good.   

7.  Smile because you know first hand that a very large penis is not a myth, it is true but only a few people are in that elite club.  

So ladies if you happen to bite off more than you can chew, humble yourself and take some of my tips.  Men be easy on the ladies, don’t try and power drill them during your first encounter because that just might be your last but she’ll stick around if she really cares about you, if she doesn’t……she’s running like hell! LOL