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Are Men the new Women?



One of the best things about being an adult is that you have the right to do any and everything you want to do (of course only if it’s legal…  You can walk into any situation understanding what’s about to happen or what may possibly happen and leave that situation feeling like the same man or woman you were before you walked in.  In pure Risquethenovel fashion, of course I’m making this about sex.

Let me start this off by saying how much I despise double standards, I feel as though if it’s ok for a man to do certain things then it should also be ok for a woman to do the same and not be judged, you can call me something like a feminist.

With that being said I’ve been noticing a popular trend lately, there are a lot of men who can’t manage to keep their mouths shut after having a sexual encounter with a woman they feel it’s necessary for them to tell the world, via Facebook or by mouth about what happened.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy me a good cup of tea on the book but I started to ask myself, when did the tables turn?  When someone’s business is put out publicly the reader then judges and then for some reason the woman becomes the one in the wrong.

When did men start talking more than women?  Why are men talking more than women?  I’m not sure when the tables turned, maybe it’s always been this way but maybe, just maybe men only told their closest friends that they trusted and those friends actually kept their mouths shut.  I also feel like if a man deals with a woman that he’s always wanted or that everyone wanted then it’s only natural for him to scream from the mountain tops and let everyone know that he finally conquered the unconquerable.  

Here’s my question, why can’t two grown or maybe 3 or 4 grown adults get together for a little fun without having to worry about will my business end up on the street? That’s the last thing anyone should have to worry about after having a great night with someone.  

Another thing that I’ve also noticed is that before these encounters happen, men are willing to say and do whatever it takes to get with a woman but as soon as they get her sometimes all communication ceases and men go back to acting like they never knew the person.  Men, I’ll tell you what that does to a woman, it makes her feel stupid, less than, sometimes like a whore. Because, what? That’s all you wanted and you got it and now you’re done with her?  Fine, if that’s the case then you should be upfront about it.  Women are just as sexually hungry as men, if not more so you could have taken the easy way out and been upfront & laid your expectations down.  Cutting someone off abruptly only leads to drama because she could be a crazy person, cut your tires, put you on blast or bombard you with dozens of phones calls a day and it all could have been avoided.  She’s still a human being with feelings, so treat her as such. 

My point to this is, if you’re going to put yourself in grown up situations you should come out of the situation as an adult as well.  You men would get a lot more if you handled situations this way.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that women don’t talk, I’m just saying that lately it seems like their are a lot more men doing the talking, which is a little unusual.  Men, check yourselves and women make sure you’re getting involved with the right person, not everyone deserves a piece of you.