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Would You Rather be the one CHEATED ON or CHEATED WITH?

miptvs_most_wantedWARNING: This topic is very controversial and is not suitable for the high and mighty judgemental folk!

In this day and age it seems as though the “side chick” is becoming more popular on tv. There’s Mary Jane from Being Mary Jane, Olivia Pope from Scandal and Angela from Power. People are making it seem like being a side chick is something new but the truth is side chicks have been around since biblical times. We’ve all heard the stories about Granddaddy having an whole other family across the tracks….LOL.

I was talking to my homegirl one day and some how we started talking about cheating and the pain that comes from it, if we preferred to know, if we could handle the truth and so on. During our conversation it suddenly dawned on me that the majority of women are either being cheated on or being cheated with. In my opinion 80% of men stray, business men, thugs, God fearing men, old men, young men, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, ALL MEN! I don’t think it makes them a bad person, it just makes them a person who cheats (we all have our vices).

I know a lot of ladies reading this are saying “Women should have enough respect for themselves to not engage in these activities with men who are taken.” You ladies may also be saying “how can you do another woman like that? We gotta stick together as women.” I might address that later but for right now I’m going to leave it alone. 🙂

In my opinion people who feel that way are not being realistic. Stay with me now because I’m just being honest, I know a lot of people can’t face the truth especially when you’ve been hurt by someone who’s cheated on you. Guess what?! I don’t know not one woman who’s never been cheated on, no matter how they look, how well they cook, how well they put it down in the bedroom, they’ve been cheated on. All women may not know that they’ve been cheated on but they have.

So here’s the question, would you rather be the woman being cheated on? Or, would you rather be the woman that he is cheating with? You don’t have to be either, your man could fall in that 20% percentile. Listen, every woman would love to have the perfect fairy tale relationship where they never argue, no one ever steps out, money is flowing, sex is great but that’s not the reality of a lot of relationships. Some women play both roles; their man cheats on them so they then go out and cheat on their man with a man who’s “occupied.” (<—-That’s also another story)

There are positives and negatives to both sides. The positives of being a “side chick” is that you should know the deal. There should be no surprises, your heart shouldn’t get broken because you know he’s going home to the main chick. The negative is that if you deal with the person long enough your feelings may get involved and you may start to wonder when he’s going to leave the main for you. Let me answer that, never!

A lot of women don’t handle surprises well, especially when it involves finding out that her man is cheating. Of course every woman prefers to be someone’s main chick, wife, girlfriend or what have you but do you want that title if it means you’re sharing him with someone else? The negative about being the woman who’s being cheated on is getting your heart broken if you ever find out.

Let me make this totally clear, as a woman I feel like no woman should have to be on either side of the spectrum but unfortunately that’s not realistic. AND for the record I do believe that there are plenty of men who are faithful, notice I didn’t say ALL men cheat.

I could have gone a lot deeper with this topic but no one looks at the deeper issues or reasons why people cheat when they find out they’ve been cheated on. The only thing that matters is that he or she cheated. I’m not being sexiest either because women cheat just as much as men so this topic can easily be flipped. So I’m interested in hearing from both men & women on this topic. What do you guys think?