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Do we as adults ever grow up sexually?  Should we ever grow up sexually?   

When you think about your introduction to the opposite sex back in the day, we did what we could, where we could.  Why? Because we didn’t have a place of our own and if you were crazy enough to do anything in your parent’s house you still risked basically your life!  Honestly maybe that was the exciting thing about it, maybe it wasn’t about the actual act.  Maybe the thrill came from being outside in public places, the fear of getting caught by some stranger rolling up on you, or even worse the cops.  
I’m from the country and in the country there are tons of back roads, dirt roads, hidden roads, beaches, graders (if you ain’t from the country you wouldn’t know), parking lots, baseball fields, parks….yall get my point.  When reading these places I know my sexually grown friends are asking, “who in their right mind will have sex in those places?” First of all let me be clear, I’m almost certain that the sex is probably happening in cars at these locations (besides the beach). Secondly any and everyone who doesn’t have a place to get down in will be more than willing to choose any of these locations.  Their main goal is to get some not to choose the best location.  Why not a hotel you ask? Yeah you could go to a hotel but that’ll take the fun out of everything.
It may also be true that the majority of people who are taking advantage of these five star locations may be creeping.  What married person or couple who lives together need to go and find secret locations?  Not many.  
 To answer my earlier question, no I don’t think we as adults ever grow up sexually.  I know people way up in their 60s hitting these not so secret places. Honestly I don’t think we should ever grow up sexually.  I think being young in the  “pants” will keep everything new and fresh.  I hear some stuck up women right now saying “I have way too much respect for myself to do those things in those places, I’m not his hoe.”  To those women I say this respectfully and I’m sorry to say this to you but you are his hoe, you’re his girl, you do any and everything you physically can for that man and men vice versa you are her hoe! Also let’s be clear I’m not telling you to be everyone’s hoe.
All I’m saying is don’t grow up too quickly sexually, keep it young, have fun with it.  If you are a house person and wouldn’t dare take it outside, try doing it in the garage, on the dining room table, the kitchen counter, on the stairs, on top of your car (at your house), camp out in your backyard and do the dang on thing.  You can be a hoe in your house too! All men say that want a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed, I think it’s time that we take the freak out of the bedroom and take your alter ego to the streets.  Just try not to get caught because you will get arrested!! LOL