Can I Watch?

Can I watch you have sex?

I got the weirdest email in my account this morning.  It was a very short email but I read it multiple times, just to take it all in.  I have no idea who sent it but if they took the time to email me, I’m going to do my best to address their situation.  The exact email is below:

My best friend asked me two questions. 1. If she could see the d*ck of the person I’m dealing with? 2.  If she can watch us have sex?  PS. I like the guy but I’ll never be with him.  What should I do?

I’ll start by LMAO…..this is hilarious.  Letting someone watch is not as bad as some other things you could do. It’s actually pretty low on the freaky scale but there are a lot of things you should consider or ask yourself.  

1. What’s the purpose?  Is it someone’s fantasy to have another person in the room to watch them do freaky things?  If it’s someone’s fantasy  (I’m not including the “watcher”), then maybe you should put some consideration into it.  As I stated above, there are worse fantasies someone could dream up.  

2. How do you really feel about this person?  If it’s a serious relationship I think it’s an absolute No-NO! There are other freaky things you could do with just the two of you.  Bringing another person in your bedroom will not boost your sexual relationship.  Yeah, you may have tons of fun in the moment but afterwards you may end up paranoid, wondering if they’ll hook up without you.  You don’t wanna live that way.  

3. How casual is your relationship? No matter how casual your relationship is with this guy, you’ve already admitted that you “like” the guy (whatever that means) but you’ll never be with him.  I think it’s safe to say that at the very least you have a small amount of feelings for the guy and when your feelings are involved no matter how small they are this could make this situation way more confusing and difficult then it should be.  So it’s probably not a good idea. 

Here’s what I know, if your best friend wants to watch you have sex, you’ve obviously been talking to her about the guy.  Hopefully she’s a true friend because you don’t want her to go behind your back and get him for herself.  The same advice goes to men.  

I just feel like if you’re going to put someone else in your bedroom, even to watch then all parties involved should agree and be comfortable with the arrangement.  If everyone can handle it, then by all means put on a show.  When it comes to your best friend wanting to see his manly parts, in this situation, if he’s ok with showing her, then fine.  Whatever floats yall boat.  Either way, have fun and be safe!

I hope this helps.  


R.L. Wynder

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