The Most Complicated Fake Love Story EVER!



Guess who’s Bizzzzack!  Sorry I’ve been away for so long but I’ve finally found the time and the inspiration to write again (not to mention my daughter is sleep, allowing me to write).  But anywho…I’m back! Today’s topic is a little interesting and the situation should be simple enough to deal with but it’s actually quiet complicated.  

Sooooo…..Ladies and Gents put yourself in this situation…. There’s a guy or girl that you’ve been kind of feeling for a couple of years and yes they’ve been feeling you too, but things have never lined up for the two of you to be together.  What could be so big to stop two people from being together or at least seeing what might happen between the two?  Well…..listen to this there’s about 240 miles that separate the two and here’s the BIGGIE, one of them has a significant other.  

An opportunity popped up where the two decided to just hang out because first and foremost they’re friends.  When the two people came together it felt right.  He was the perfect gentleman and she enjoyed his honesty and appreciated the fact that he shared part of his soul with her.  He laid on her, they talked about life, love, God, the best comedies…it was one of the most natural experience she’s ever had.

Of course the evening had to come to an end, but not after he gave her the sweetest, looooongest kiss.  Before she even walked out of his door, she began missing him.

Sweet, right? LOL. What should happen next? Obviously the right thing to do is to just let it be, mainly because of the distance between them.  The worst thing to ever do in this world is to wonder “What if?”  I would personally have a rough time just letting it go with no discussion, with no effort.  I’m too much of a go-getter to let something so good go.  BUT what about the significant other, you ask?  Honestly at this point…..Who?  LOL No, but seriously it’s complicated obviously and for this situation I don’t have any answers, suggestions or opinions.  

Someone will probably end up at the very least not liking the outcome of this situation but hey at least they tried and don’t have to wonder…. What it, or I shoulda did this or I shoulda did that. It can feel right for everyone in this situation, but just because it feels right, doesn’t mean that it’s meant to be or that it will even happen.  Good luck to those complicated nuts!  



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    • yayielle
    • January 5th, 2014

    Soooo I’m a sucker for love and definitely a hopeless romantic. But in the past I was in a situation very similar to this. 1. If these two people REALLY want to be together, then he or she needs to break up with their current boo thing. The only threefold in a relationship should be you, him and god. Seriously, things will be so complicated and play with your mind and emotions so much if they try to maintain a relationship with u and the other person. 2. Distance shouldn’t keep you a part. There’s planes, trains and automobiles. Skype and FaceTime. My boo lives outta state, travels the world and we still keep in contact and see each other as much as we can.

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