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I decided to do today’s post because I’m beginning to notice a trend. An absurd trend!  I’m going to try and do my best to help end this trend so that precious eyes are protected and laughter and giggles of many women around the world will cease once and for all.   

Over the weekend a good friend of mine told me a story about how she was on a date and her date (after a few drinks), decided to pull out his man meat, penis, rod or whatever you prefer to call it.  Instinctually, her eyes followed his hand to see what he was working with.  Her eyes bulged at the miracle laying before her eyes…..she could not believe that she had the pleasure of actually seeing the world’s smallest penis.  AND one day this week at work, I was talking to my co-worker and she told me a similar story and she described the penis as “smaller than a tampon.”
Now first of all I know that whoever those guys were, knew the size of their penis, I’m pretty sure they saw it at sometime throughout that day, hell it’s been a part of them since birth.  He had to have known that he was not hanging with the big boys. Listen there’s nothing wrong with having a small penis, ladies if that’s what you prefer than power to you but here’s my point…..
Men you can’t just be pulling your little baby piece out all willy nilly as if you’re working with the biggest one out there.  You’re going to instantly turn her the hell off.  So here’s my advice to all of you men who aren’t working with much.  You MUST MUST MUST get to know that woman as well as possible and make sure she knows you just as well; before you even make mention of your penis, let alone pull it out.  
Your goal is to get this woman to fall so deep in love with you that her love becomes blind, and at that point it doesn’t matter what you have in your pants. If she’s in love with you, it’s more likely that she’ll love the sex too (not guaranteed). Let’s just say she loves you, hates the sex and that takes a toll on your relationship.  I suggest you become real familiar and become rather great at oral sex.  You have to be able to offer up something.  
I want you men to know that women do talk and we tell our girlfriends about these hilarious encounters (unless he’s our actual man, then we keep that on the low low). So if you know you’re not working with much, don’t pull it out and grin and expect the woman to jump for joy.  Don’t tell her to “suck it,” and get upset when she responds “suck what?”  I have never met a woman who gets excited about anyone’s small penis, so for your benefit and the sake of your pride I suggest for you to keep your little secret well hidden for as long as possible.  But who am I kidding there are tons of small penis men in the world and let’s face it they have sexual needs like every other man and unfortunately the small head always win over the larger one.  Women we must NOT lead these men to believe that he’s larger than life.  Go on and share this with someone who needs to read this! Guys you can thank me later!
Until next time…….
Love, Peace and Freakiness,
R.L. Wynder