Now I know I’ve been neglecting you guys and I’m sorry.  My other career has been keeping me busy. There’s something I want to speak on and I know I’m a couple of weeks late but there’s no reason why I still can’t bring this subject up.  Now, I know everyone has seen the last episode of Basketball Wives, Miami (I have to call it that now since it has now franchised….LOL) and the infamous scene where Eric throws a drink in Jennifer’s face.  When I saw the previews I was thinking, he is such a bitch! How dare he throw a drink in her face!  Buuuuuuuut, when I saw the full scene my feelings changed. 

Let me explain to yall the type of person I am.  I believe in equality between all races and sexes (the rules change when it comes to the elderly and the babies).  I believe once you do something to someone that person has a right to now do the same thing to you.  I spoke on the Chris Brown, Rihanna situation briefly…….in no way do I condone domestic violence on anyone’s behalf but if I hit someone I do expect to get hit back, male or female.  No one was there but the two of them and there are rumors that she began hitting him first.  I’ve always hated to see the women who argued with their boyfriends and constantly smacking them up aside their head while their man is yelling “Yo, Go Head” 50 thousand times before he ends up smacking her.  If I hit a man I’m prepared to get hit back and will most likely loose my battle but at least I knew what I was getting into.  Some of you may not agree but that’s just the reality of the situation.

Getting back to the matter at hand……So Jennifer’s punk ass decides to throw a drink at Eric once he gets up and walk away.  If she was going to throw the drink she should have been woman enough to throw it in his damn face.  Eric was probably thinking the same thing I was thinking so he was determined to show Jennifer that he was more of a WOMAN than she was and threw the drink in her face.  I say congrats to you Eric because in some sort of way I saw life coming back full circle.  How many times within the 3 seasons (I think 3) did we see Jennifer bitch out, opted to not throw hands but throw drinks instead at other women?  The other women never had a chance to throw them back at her because she hid behind Evelyn.  In a way this was Karma coming back to slap Jen in the face.  Unfortunately it was done by a scorned man but it was done.  I think it brought her ass down a couple of notches.  

Men don’t for one second think that I’m saying it’s ok to hit your girl and throw drinks in her face.  In this particular instance it was appropriate.  And Ladies don’t you think you can go around hitting men and it’s ok just because you’re a woman.  It’s not ok, now a days they are just as hard on women when it comes to domestic violence as they are with men .  Word of advice from R.L. EVERYONE, KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF AND YOUR DRINKS IN YOUR CUPS!



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    • SYS
    • August 30th, 2011

    Ehhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnt! NO! They bothwere wrong. He should of been a man bout the situation and just put his shirt in the dryer when he got home.My goodnes it was the back of his shirt.His action really showed his “unmanly” qualities one of the main reasons they are probably divorcing. But one thing I do agree with statement you made about jladies if you hit apect to get hit back!” I say I agree because sadltthis is crazy screwed up ways of our world! People better learn to dobetter and communicate before prancing down that aisle! Sheesh. I like that advice at th end of your blog. Shall I post that rule on the wall for my kindergarteners?m You think grown people would know better. Those are not true reflections of whawife should be. I will be Proverbs 31ing it for my man (when he arrives)lol. Drink in cup (nonalcoholic now) and hands used 2 love and praise. TOODLES.

    • Kodak’s Mom
    • August 30th, 2011

    I just had a debate about this. I agree with you 100 percent. I thought the same thing seeing the previews but when I saw the whole show, she had it coming! It was actually funny! But how didn’t she expect that not to happen. Females feel like they can do things like that and get away with it but in all fairness they are entitled to good slap from whomever they started with! I know for a fact that Kodak’s dad wouldn’t stand for no cheap hits! Lol

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