Freedom Of Dress Does not Mean You Have The Freedom To Disrespect!


It’s about that time again, the sun is out, the temperature is high, we ladies are showing a little more skin and the hounds are out.  The summer time is my favorite season of all because I love showing off my sexy legs and well kept body, but I must admit that it’s also the most annoying season for me as well. 

 It’s so annoying because of the thirsty men of all ages who act like they’ve never seen a woman let alone ever had sex before.  So, I just want to clear some things up for you men and how you should conduct yourselves in front of women during the Summer.  If you read the following tips you’ll definitely save yourself a few curse outs and possibly slaps this Summer.

 1.  Just because a female has on very revealing clothes, does not mean you have the right to disrespect her.  As a woman who wears short shorts, tight skirts and dresses (all in good taste), I’ve heard it all.  I carry myself like a lady and I deserve to be treated like a lady no matter what I have on.   I hear so many men say “If she don’t want nobody talking to her she shouldn’t have it on?”  A woman should be able to wear what she wants to wear without being verbally abused every time she walks out of her house?  So men you DO NOT get a free pass to say whatever you want to a woman because of the way she dresses. 

 2.  If you really must say something to a woman, be respectful!  Men there are ways to speak to a woman, if what she’s wearing is just driving you to say something to her you might not want to start off by yelling at her “Yo ma, baby girl, boo, sexy, bitch or hoe” or try to get her attention by making noises.  First off that’s the way you call out to an animal and any woman who answers to a cat call probably won’t demand much respect from you so you won’t have to worry too much about this.  Try taking a note from Luther Vandross, walk up to the young lady and say “Excuse me miss, what’s your name?”  Would you want someone to call your mother out of her name?

 3.  Try admiring with a closed mouth.  Men you have the power to bring out any woman’s insecurities.  Before a woman walks out of her house she feels great, full of confidence and her face carries a smile.  But before she gets to her destination her feelings can drastically change and all because of you.  She can feel dirty, powerless, disrespected and her smile turns into a mean ill grill because of your choice of words.  To hear “Baby that ass is fat,” “I want to hit that.” “I want to put my dick in you,” doesn’t make the majority of women feel good.  Those aren’t compliments. If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything.

 When you see a woman walking down the street with a mean look on her face, its because she’s trying to avoid ignorant comments, she’s hoping you can read her evil face and just leave her alone.  There’s a perfect short film called Shades of Brooklyn starring Xosha Roquemore (Joanne from Precious) that describes exactly how men make women feel.  You can catch it on HBO or you can Youtube it.  Check it out. 

 Men if you consider those three tips you may have a chance of catching you a summer bunny.  How would you feel if women treated you like a piece of meat, it may sound like a dream come true to you but I can guarantee you, you’ll get tired of it quick.  It’s degrading and it’s just not right.  Allow the lady to express herself through fashion and if you must say something, give her a nice compliment.  There are so many places in the world with man made laws giving restrictions on what women can wear.  This is one place where women can dress freely without being beaten or jailed.  Please allow us to be comfortable with our freedom of expression through clothes.   

 Stay tune for part two about the Slut Walk, where women are standing up because of police officers suggesting that in order to avoid rape a woman shouldn’t dress like a slut because you’re asking to be raped.  That has me heated and it deserves to be a write up of its own. 

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