I hate to be the barer of bad news and I absolutely HATE to give out any secrets we women hold.  Ladies please forgive me but there are just some things men should know.  Men are you ready for the big secret?  Well……….sometimes women only have sex with you because she loves you and not because the sex is good.  What? Huh? What you say?  Yeah, you heard me.  Just because we love you doesn’t mean that we love what you’re putting down in the bedroom.

You still don’t understand, do you?  Well, I know you don’t, because you honestly believe that your woman loves the motion you’re throwing in her ocean because all of her actions say so.  Before I dive deep into this let me first remind you that 99.9% of men can’t tell when a woman fakes an orgasm……so do you really think a man can tell if his woman isn’t enjoying sex (if she’s putting effort into it).

Why would a woman continue to have sex with someone who’s not doing it for her?  One word: LOVE.  She loves you so much that she’ll rather suffer in bed before telling you that you’re wack.  When a woman doesn’t care about you, she’ll tell you exactly how she feels about your sex game.  Women understand how important sex is to a man’s ego, it defines so many things for them.  Sometimes we women are fooled to believe the sex is better than what it actually is simply because the love is stronger than sex.

In this day and age sex is a HUGE part of a relationship.  It can lead to infidelity and ultimately a break-up/divorce.  So ladies, what can you do to save your relationship?  Several things…..Let me first state that I do not recommend cheating, someone always gets hurt.

1. Ladies you can suggest fun little things to your man that you love to do.  Spice it up by taking control.  Play games with him, dress up for him, have sex in a public place.  Anything that will toss a little excitement back into your sex life.  A lot of women seem to forget that the Vajussy holds a lot of power and we can control the temperature in the bedroom.  Even masturbating for him before you get down will help, you’ll get your orgasm while turning your partner on (men love watching women masturbate).

2.  Suggest an open relationship.  For those of you who don’t know an open relationship is when you’re committed to one person but both parties agree on having a physical relationship with other people.  I know some of you are thinking….Didn’t you just say no cheating?  Yes I did, but I don’t consider this cheating as long as both parties are aware.  Will and Jada Smith are rumored to engage in open relationship type activities and it seems to be able to work for them.  I believe a lot of people cheat anyway, why not do it so you won’t get in trouble?


3. Try talking to your partner.  Explain to him that you’re not very happy with your        sex life and together work on a plan.  Don’t worry about hurting his feelings, he should understand as long as you approach him correctly.

All in all relationships are based on communication and without it the relationship will fail.  Just try to be as open as possible with your mate, no matter what the subject maybe.  Oh and men, don’t be so cocky in the bedroom…..she may not enjoy it as much as she leads you to believe.

Love, Peace, & Freakiness

R.L. Wynder

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