I love when I can write about personal things and share them with you because I know some of yall be feeling me on these issues.  Today I need your advice, I’m dealing with something very real at this moment and I can’t get IT or rather HIM off my mind.

Here’s the situation, I recently came across this handsome guy with a banging body.  His physical appearance just gave me reasons to flirt with him (at this point I didn’t have any intentions what so ever with him).  We have the opportunity to spend more time together and I realized this guy is funny as hell and I love me a funny person so that just upgraded the flirting to another level.  It honestly felt like we both knew each other longer than we actually did.

Whenever I want something in life I at least attempt it and he was no different.  I felt like I had the ok to express my want for him even though I made my actions very clear (he was flirting too, don’t get it twisted). I expressed it and then BOOM he hits me with the last thing I wanted to hear,…….you guessed it “I have a girlfriend and I’m trying this faithful thing out.”

I’m no hater, I’m not a home wrecker and I do NOT get off by the challenge of making a man want me, especially when he’s trying to be a good guy.  I’ve been cheated on before and I definitely don’t want to be the other girl so I respect his wishes.  So I have no choice but to leave it alone, out of respect for myself, him and his relationship oh yeah and my relationship.  Neither one of us mentioned the fact we had boy/girl friend until we thought it might could have gone to another level (Honestly I only mentioned mine because he mentioned his and hoped it might have made a little of a difference).

So what do I do now?  A couple of days have passed by and I’m still thinking about his chiseled out body and being reminded of his sense of humor all the time.  I rarely want people to this extent and I’m not used to not getting who I want but as a respectable woman I can’t push up on a man who wants to be good for whoever he’s with. BUT I STILL WANT HIM…….WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?


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  1. I agree but I’m not running away, i think I can control myself. I respect the situation BUT my mind is just wandering that’s all……LOL But I totally agree w/you.

  2. Run! Run far away from him. If he’s trying the faithful thing and you ARE in relationship, you should respect that. If you still have to work with him and see him, I would keep the conversations brief and mainly business. The more you talk to and spend time with him, the more you will get tempted/frustrated.

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