What Makes a Woman A bad F*#K!….From The Man’s Perspective

Ladies, today I’ve decided to become the voice of the men, because so many of them believe that I’m one sided & I like to see myself as an equal minded person.  So I threw out the question to them “What makes a woman a bad lay?”  Aka bad fuck or bad vajussy.  I asked my gentlemen friends on facebook and twitter and I got some very interesting responses.  I told the guys I would take their responses, present them to the ladies while giving helpful tips on how NOT to be a bad lay.

To my surprise :O, most of the men said the same thing which shocked me because it’s the number 1 rule in sex.  Ladies shame on you, I curse you with the bad sex stick for breaking this simple ass rule.  But I’m not going to curse you just yet, let’s start off with a different one.

Jason Brown, 29 from the Eastern Shore of Va said: that he hates when a woman doesn’t smell good and if you smell bad you should wash.  (Believe me he didn’t put it as nicely as I did).

Ladies I agree with Jason you should be taking better care of yourself hygienically, but if washing is not the issue there are ways to get rid of the bad odor.  First of all ladies know your body and understand your body because our bodies can be very weird and react differently with certain things.  It could be several other reasons why you have a bad odor other than being trifling.  If you are having an odor issue, I strongly suggest you make an appointment with your OBGYN ASAP!  Please don’t be embarrassed because you’re not the only woman having this issue.  You may have an STD and that’s something washing can’t control.

For those of you who don’t have a STD, you may have something called Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) which is the imbalance of bacterial in the vaginal which happens to be the most common vaginal infection.  Women have natural bacteria in the vagina, but when there’s a build up of bad bacteria all hell hell breaks loose.  LISTEN UP MEN!  This can effect all women clean, dirty, classy and trashy.  So ease up on them and encourage them to go see a doctor.  The doctor will either give you antibiotics or a gel to help balance out the bacteria.  It may come back but there are things you can do to help it not return.  1. NO colored wash cloths.  The dye in the cloths can irritate your vagina and throw your balance off.  2.  Do not wear thongs every day!  Its almost as if you’re wiping from back to front and we all know that’s a no no.  3. Stay away from wearing tight clothes every day.  Let your vajussy breathe sometimes.  4.  Incorporate yogurt in your diet, it’s very good for women.  5. Take a daily vitamin, a probiotic called Acidophilus.  It’s like yogurt in a pill.  6.  Don’t keep wet, or damp undies on.  That’s a growing place for bacterial.  7.  If you know your body, know the different condoms and how you react to them because they can make a difference also.  There are others but this should put you on the right path.

Jonathan Smith, 29 says: “When a chick braggs on how good her stuff is and when you get it the shit dry and wack and you can’t hit it the way u want to cause they say it hurts.”

Ladies always remember: Actions speak Louder than Words!  Explore your own body before you go bragging.  If you can’t get your own vajussy wet how do you expect someone else to get it wet and if it’s not wet how can you possibly think the man can enjoy it.  If you know that you’re dry ladies there are some over the counter products (water base is best) that can help you with that.

Causes of vaginal dryness:

Your sensitive vaginal chemistry may be reacting to another kind of chemistry?in harsh alkaline soaps, for example. Or you may be drying up as part of an allergicresponse to perfumes or dyes. As you get closer to the years of menopause, lowered estrogen levels may also cause dryness of the vagina. And certain skin conditions may interfere with vaginal lubrication.

Symptom Relief:

Change up your soap.  The vagina is not meant to be sterile but I’m glad someone decided to say hey, I think we should wash this thing…..LOL.  You should try to use hypoallergenic soap with no dyes or fragrances.  The best is probably Ivory but I like the original Dove as my personal choice.  That means, no body washes, peppermint soaps, caress or any of those perfume soaps.  Speaking of perfumes, don’t spray any perfume in or around the vajussy BAD IDEA!

Your laundry detergent and toilet paper may also have an effect.  Only use soft, white unscented toilet paper.  Even cheap hard white toilet paper can be bad.  If it’s caused by your detergent you may need to switch brands until you find something that matches your body’s chemistry.

Again, LEARN your body.  Learn what makes you lubricate (moist/wet).  If you’re laying on your back most of the lubricate can fall to the back causing painful intercourse.  Before you begin try dipping your fingers in and lubricating the outside of the vagina.

Ladies……The more you have sex, the more lubrication you make!  So have fun with making lubrication if the problem persists check with your doctor because he or she may be able to tell you the exact problem.

The biggest issue of All…….DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!!!

This was said by: Jason Brown, Derek Reynolds, Rome Johnson, Deonndray Harmon, & Travis Tyrone-Davis aka @MRstunz (follow him, comedy for days).

The wackest sex of all is women who just lay there and not do anything!  WHAT?!  Ladies, you know good ass damn well that, that’s the number one rule to sex period.  Don’t you hate it when we’re on top and the man isn’t doing anything but laying there?  It’s the same damn thing.  Sex should be 50/50.  He thrust you push, he licks you suck.  Plain and simple no questions asked.  And I say these things giving that you are having sex with someone you’re in a relationship with and care for deeply because you can’t just lick and suck on everyone.  I see sex as a competition with myself and my main goal is to please the man and make him come harder than the last time.  So here’s a tip ladies, stop being lazy selfish ass women and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you do the opposite of him, if he’s withdrawing the penis you push towards it because think about it if you do the same moves as him the penis will never stay in AND it just feels natural.  Be smart ladies!

I would just like to thank Darrell Conquest & Adam Cottrell  for also giving me their thoughts.  They both believe that communication is the key and makes for better sex.  I agree with both of them because if something is wrong or not right in the bedroom you better believe Tony and I talk about it and we fix it.

Ladies I’m still waiting on your complaints on what makes a man a bad lay.  As soon as I get them I can write an article for us!  OH and my girl Angie B asks if the girl is a bad lay, then why do you men keep sleeping with them?  Answer that!!!

Thanks for reading guys,

Love, Peace and Freakiness!!!

RL Wynder

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