Double Standard, Double Bull Shit!

Double Standards……Are They Fair???

I know it’s been a while, please don’t curse me out but this show is taking up all of my time.  Since I haven’t treated you to a good Risque blog in a while I have a good topic that everyone should have an opinion on.  I want to discuss something that has been a topic for decades and hasn’t changed much.

For years the Double Standard between men and women has existed and I don’t particularly believe it’s fair.  Since the beginning of time (and yes I’m taking it back to the biblical days) women have been treated like incompetent children by being told what to do, what to wear and to whom and when they can have sex.  For example a man can choose their wife or who they want to bed but never the other way around.

If you notice it’s always a man choosing what the woman should do with their bodies (very similar to the present abortion debate). Today’s American Cultures aren’t as strict as the olden olden days, but there are still religions and cultures who go by those same rituals.

Mentally men in the world still believe in some of those practices and because men no longer have control over women and we’re free to do whatever and whoever we please some men disgustingly express how they feel verbally by calling women bitches and hoes.  Do I believe that bitches and hoes exist in this world?  LOL, of course I do.  Let me explain a little further.  We all know the double standard rule “Any set of principals containing different provisions for one group of people than for another.”  Which is mostly used between different sex and races.  Let’s get into it…….

A man who’s slept with hundreds of women is most of the time looked at as “The Man,” and a woman who’s slept with just as many men is looked at as a ho or a slut.  Why is that, you ask?  Blame that on the good ol’ Double Standard rule.  I must admit that 100 is a crazy ass number for anyone but my point is if she’s a slut and a ho than so is he.  It’s almost as if I attended an under graduate institution for four years and so did my friend Bob but at the end of those four years he earns a degree and I don’t, and just to make it more understandable we both ended with the same GPA.  Sounds unfair, right?  Well it is, it’s the same double standard shit that I’ve been talking about.

Me personally I don’t believe in sleeping with too many men because I believe that what I have is the best and the few men who happen to get this are very lucky.  I think all men and women should think that way.  Let me also say that in some strange way I do respect the women who aren’t afraid to express their sexuality and have sex with whomever, whenever, and how ever.  I don’t think the number of people makes a person a ho or a slut, I feel it’s the way you carry yourself and how you do it.

What do you mean R.L?  I’m glad you asked.  You have two women same age, 32.  One has been with a total of 10 people and the other with 25.  Which one would you say is the ho?  The one who’s slept with 25 of course, but what if I told you that every single last on those 25 men was that woman’s boyfriend at one point.  Is she still a Ho?  What about the one that has only slept with 10 men.  What if I told you that she constantly let the same 10 men gang bang her.  Who’s the ho now?

Any way, because that’s the way it’s been since the beginning of time, I’m asking all of you to change your way of thinking and start seeing men and women equally.  Men who cheat on their women need to stoop acting like the world is coming to an end when you find out your girl is doing the same thing.  Oh, it was fine when you were out there doing it but now since she’s doing it, it becomes an issue.  Which leads me to something else.  Men expect women to forgive them when they get caught but when they catch their women cheating the thought of forgiving them never cross their mind.  I can go on and on about that one but that’s a different subject for a different blog.  Think about what I said and remember equal thoughts.

Love, Peace and Freakiness

R.L Wynder

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    • savoirfaireoohlala
    • August 2nd, 2010

    Only closed-minded people extend the double standard…But…
    … at the same time, women are expected to uphold higher value because we are so powerful, and have the power to bring life into the world. I suppose that’s why the idea of a woman having multiple partners is deemed so dirty- we are expected to guard our temples to bring in life:-)
    On The Flip Side, I think it’s important to explore different relationships and actually get to know who you are as an individual and what fulfills you.
    I think that if Any standards are to be upheld it’s pertinent that both parties, male AND female, be held to the same degree of expectations. Especially being that our society is HIGHLY sexual and morals aren’t normal anymore, how can you praise one for exploring their sexuality and damn the other for doing the exact same thing? It’s an oxymoron and is impossible…being that men are sexing almost every hole available, WHY should a woman be broken down and penalized to stay at home and idly sit by waiting for the ONE to come and marry her, impregnate her, and then leave her to the house while he goes out with the bros to get hoes?

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