Is It Wrong for Me To Date My Best Friend’s Ex???

On my way into work today on the train, I was preparing today’s blog about cheating and how we women do it better than men.  But that’s not what you’re about to read.  I was talking to this guy on Facebook, a real handsome guy, was a real fly guy back in the day (not much has changed).  I’ve never looked at him in a sexual way, obviously I’m human and I’m not blind so I could definitely see that he was cute.  I guess, I never looked at him in that way, I because one of my best friends used to deal with him.  I’m not even going to mention that they tried to throw the friend on me…..LOL Don’t yall hate when your friends try to hook you up with the left over friend?  He was cool but…..yeah!  How about those Celtics…LOL (I couldn’t remember his name for the life of me until the mystery guy told me today…SMH).

So here’s today’s question……Is it ever ok to deal with one of your friend’s ex?  I know my answer I want to hear yours.  Are there ever exceptions to this rule?  Me, I think uh uh, No way.  Even if it was from back in the day.  If one of  my friends end up dealing with my first love (and that thing started back when I was in the 4th grade), I would feel some type of way.  Luckily he’s the brother of one of my best friends and I doubt my other two friends will ever cross that line.

In this particular situation, my friend and this mystery guy were both in the 9th grade, nothing physical ever happened between them besides some heavy petting and kissing, I’m not even sure if they were in love or ever official.  Let’s not forget about his friend that was interested in me.  Before I go any further….Me and the mystery guy are not planning or contemplating hooking up he just gave me a really good idea to blog about.  With that said, given the factors is it ok for me to deal with him being that they only had a “Teenage Love Affair?”

Will I be wrong if I allow him to take a dip in my fantasy land, or if I ride a couple of roller coasters with him?  How would you feel?

Here are the factors:

-She was 15 years old

-They never had sex

-They were never in love (at least I don’t think so)

AND she doesn’t talk about about him today which means she ain’t thinking about him

Honestly I just think it’ll be weird, to kiss on the man my friend used to kiss on.  I don’t want to be having sex with him and visions of them having sex pop into my mind.  Most importantly I don’t want to ruin my friendship with her (we’re both Gemini’s, so were a lot of alike so I wouldn’t even have to ask her).  If anything were to ever pop off, I’ll definitely have a conversation with her first………THOUGHTS??  Besides I’m fly enough to get any man I want, I don’t have to be with my BF’s ex!  Owwwwwwww! (as my brother would say!)

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    • Qwest
    • June 23rd, 2010

    This is a great topic 🙂 First of all let me just say, from a man’s point of view, 9 times out of 10, we can care less. Usually we don’t catch feelings. As men, best friendships are very seldomly damaged by a female, especially if the girl really never meant anything to us. This seems to be the case in your scenario. They never really had anything serious besides a little puppy love. They never had sex and it was 9th grade…no wonder she never mentions him. In fact, I’m sure the relationship probably didn’t even last year. Clearly she shouldn’t care if you did allow him to take a dive in all that goodness, but with that being said, women are most certainly different from men. Ladies tend to care a litle more than men do in situations like this. I’m not saying that I would be happy with my friend if you tried to get at my ex-wife or any other women I had a serious relationship with (say more than 2 yrs…perhaps), but in a situation such as this one, I don’t think it should be a big deal. I guess you could always ask your friend if she minds, but of course she probably would lie and say “NO, I don’t mind” but lying the whole time because she doesn’t want you to enjoy all that good loving that she got to enjoy………O Yeah….they never did anything…….SMH……..I hope she wouldn’t care, but with women, you just never know. Love the article. Keep doing your thing beautiful.

    Im out

    • Raj-Shan
    • June 15th, 2010

    I say no it’s not ok. I consider my closest friends family and i’m loyal to a fault. So if a girl was in relationship with one of my friends I’m not gonna ever attempt to follow suit. One of my friends even tried to get em and his high school ex together around our soph year in college and i couldn’t do it.

  1. well i must say i have a friend who has done this on more than one occassion to me. its so freakin wrong and i dont care how you look at it. i dont care if yall are 80 years oldmpick your choice your friendship or the man!i perfer people pick the friendship but sometimes the dnt & i have to bust them up side the head…lmao

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