The manual stimulation of genital organs also known as masturbation, jerking off, rubbing the nub or whatever cleaver name you may have for it.  For some reason people don’t like to talk about or even admit that they masturbate.  Honestly this is a totally natural and human act.  I always say how can you expect someone else to know how to please you if you don’t know how to please yourself.

There are some who have never masturbated ever!  How is that possible?  I have no idea.  I’m also baffled when women say I’ve never had an orgasm.  I go “Oh you’ve never had orgasm during sex?” They say, “No never in life.”  Then I give them the WTF are you talking about look.  I just assumed that everyone got a lil frisky with themselves.

What do you do when you’re horny as hell and have no one to put out the fire?  Stuff a pillow between your legs and call it a night?  How?  It actually amazes me.  You guys know me well enough by now, you know if I can help in anyway when it comes to love, sex and relationships that I’m going to put my two cents in….LOL So here I go.

Let me first say that you shouldn’t feel embarrassed nor ashamed to touch yourself.  This goes out to both men and women.  Masturbation is a way for you to learn your body, to know what buttons to push, pull or squeeze in order to send you on an orgasmic ride.  Not to mention it lowers your blood pressure and relieves stress.  It’s like a two for one deal here, it’s healthy and you get pleasure.



There’s no wrong or right way to do it, as long as your outcome is the same.  You just have to figure out what works best for you and your body.  The rubbing of the clit is one of the main ways women masturbate, whether its done by fingers, vibrators or an object (huh object? We’ll get into that in a few).

FINGERS:  Now I believe that your fingers and/or clit should be well lubricated.  I’m not into lubrications, for one I don’t need it and two I don’t believe we should be putting too many things in the area of the vajussy (yes I made up a new word, use it!).  It’s a very sensitive area, that goes for all that whip cream and caramel and ish you can put it on any part of my body except in or around the vajussy.   Anyway so lubrication, you can use lube if you prefer, salvia or your own natural juices.  Not many women use lube in the bottle for masturbation unless they’re inserting something in other areas.  In my opinion salvia and your own natural juices are the best choice.

The lubrication will allow your finger to gently move across your clit which will make it easier to receive stimulation.  Without lubrication you may harm your clit by dry rubbing it.  You can also use your other hand to insert inside of your vajussy causing double pleasure.  It’ll also be a good way to search around for your G-spot.  There’s also another hole you can possibly stimulate while pleasing yourself with your fingers, if you choose to go there.

VIBRATORS/DILDOS:  For my ladies with the toys.  There are all types and becoming more accessible, whenever you can walk in your local drug store and buy one, you know times are changing.  I still suggest lube for this but it really doesn’t matter it just feels better.  Vibrators are simply what they sound like, devices that vibrate.  There are those used to place directly on the clit.  Feel free to move your body against it, it’ll help the sensation.  There are also those that vibrate that you can insert inside you, different shapes and different speeds (you can research more if you’re interested).

OBJECTS: If you don’t have a toy and don’t want to get your hands messy you can use other objects.  What kind you ask?  A pillow, blanket or even the arm of your couch (w/ a blanket over it).  Anything that can cause friction against your clitoris.  Basically you will position yourself over the object and proceed to ride it as if you were riding your man.  You should focus on rubbing your clitoris over the object it will end in a mind blowing orgasm.

Don’t forget to pay attention to your other area of your body, your breast, ass, lips, mouth any other area that may turn you on.  Feel free to taste yourself, yeah I said it.  Again, how can you expect someone else to taste you if you’re unwilling to do it yourself.  You can also try masturbating in front of a mirror, the visual definitely helps the mental.  If you’re missing that special someone record it and send it to him.  Just have fun!


I mean it’s so easy for you to achieve an orgasm through sex and masturbation, there’s not much I can really say about it.  Honestly there’s not much I want to say because I’m jealous at the fact that you’re always guaranteed an orgasm.  Anyway, let me get on with it.

1: Of course the most easy and most common way is to loosely wrap your hands around your penis and move your hand up and down.  This definitely varies if your uncircumcised or not, you may not go as hard or you may need to go harder.  Lube is a plus for this action such as lubrication, lotion, vaseline or baby oil.  If you like you can also warm the baby oil giving you the sensation of an actual vajussy.  Make sure you have your tissues close by because its such a turn off to see cum stains on a person’s blanket when they didn’t come from the both of you at the same time…..LOL

2: Another way to jerk your meat (as if you need another technique) is to place just the index finger and thumb around the penis about halfway along the penis and repeatedly slide the shaft skin up and down. A variation on this is to place the fingers and thumb on the penis as if playing a flute, and then shuttle them back and forth. Look if you men don’t understand that, I’m not even going to try and explain it any further.  I am talking about your parts not my own.

3: You can also lie face down on a comfortable surface such as a mattress or pillow and rub your lil man against until you explode.  TISSUES! TISSUES! TISSUES!  Don’t get it twisted you men also have plenty of toys.  Like the old school blow up doll or even an artificial vaginal (they are very well high tech now and cost a pretty penny).  You can also massage your testicles while rubbing your monkey.  I’ve read that you can rub your nipples as well, but I gotta tell you if I see you doing that I’ll laugh at you.

There’s also mutual masturbation where you can masturbate for each other or simply masturbate each other.  You can use the same techniques listed about.  If you’ve never masturbated before hopefully now you will and you can start your new life on a pleasurable journey!  Enjoy!

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Have a wonderful weekend!  Love ya!

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  1. I appreciate that Mark, I don’t want to offend you either. so just realize when you come to this site everything may not be your cup of tea. I go through the same thing with older people who read my book or the site and they look at me like I’m crazy. This is just my art not my life. Good Luck in all you do, your blog is great!

  2. I feel as though we all are under HIS power regardless of our paths in life. The very last thing I wish to do is offend anyone and having read your work I can tell that you are blessed . I came across your blog under the tag “relationships ” and was intruiged by your in-depth look at subjects which I can relate to. We were created ,man and woman , to purpose and I can appreciate all angles in such. Keep up the good work. In HIS LOVE , Mark

  3. Thanks for leaving a comment Markbyrd but if this is not your cup of tea feel free to NOT comment. I will not discuss God when it comes to my art because they’re in two different lanes & God has blessed me, i appreciate it!

  4. May GOD Bless!!! Mark

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