For today’s post my homegirl Zena gave me the idea to write about Role Playing.  I know some of you are looking at this like, this girl is tripping.  No this girl is just open and just saying the things you all want to say.  So today instead of being the voice of the women I’m going to be the voice for men.  I’m going to lay out a couple of Role Playing Scenarios that men really really really want to try.

I chose the ones that I hear the most and left some of the most cliche ones out, like the Nurse and Patient one.  I think that’s so wack anyway.  When choosing the role playing games I definitely noticed that most of these can either end you up in jail or get you killed.  It’s because we all want to do things that we’re not supposed to do and most of would probably do these things in real life if it didn’t come with consequences.

Women if you haven’t tried at least one of these before surprise your man and stop being such a stick in the mud.  Here’s some advice for those of you (Men & Women) who are afraid or just don’t feel comfortable enough to role play.

1.  You should definitely feel comfortable enough with your partner sexually, if you don’t you shouldn’t even be engaging in sex with him/her.

2. Totally commit to your character.  I know it can be really hard when you obviously know that the person across from you isn’t actually a “cowboy” or what have you.  If you have trouble staying in character, take a lil sippy sip or wear some dark shades.  It helps when you can’t see the person’s eyes.

3.  Discuss what’s going to happen.  Personally all I need to know is the topic so I can know who I’m supposed to be.  I don’t like to talk too much about it, unless he wants to throw a slap or some choking in there (that definitely needs to be approved). I wouldn’t talk to much because you want it to be some what spontaneous, it shouldn’t be scripted.

4.  Wardrobe can also help you get into the mood.  If you are playing the cliche nurse wearing a pair of sweats and a sports bra just doesn’t cut it.  Go out by a nice sexy nurses outfit and I’ll guarantee you, you’ll have him screaming nurse in no time.

That’s just a couple of tips…….Let’s get into it.  These are in no particular order.


Ok, weird enough a lot a men really want to rape a woman but not harm them.   They just want to be able to get want they want when they want it.  They want to be able to rape a woman with her permission.  It’s not rape then right?  Well that’s when role play comes along.  You can play the sexy sweet woman while your man plays the rough, disrespectful man who forces you to give up the draws to him.  You can have fun with this one.  Start of with him chasing you around, while you constantly cry out for help and for him to stop and leave you alone.  Then he finally captures you and rip your clothes off of you (don’t wear anything you plan on keeping).  Be mindful during sex to scream out “no” and “please don’t Mr. Rapper,”  LOL.


Like I mentioned earlier most of these things can end your ass in jail if you did it in real life.  It’s a lil creepy as well if my man begged me to dress up like a lil school girl with pig tails and during sex call him Daddy (knowing me I would still do it….LOL).   No matter how weird I think this maybe this is one of the top role playing games ever! So who am I to judge.  This is pretty simple.  The woman dresses up in the popular catholic school girl skirt with a white button up (but not so button up) shirt not wearing a bra of course.  You play the innocent school girl while your man simply just plays the man.  I would suggest changing up the names in this game.


That’s right!  A lot of men want to have sex with prostitutes too.  Why?  Because prostitutes are paid to do any and everything to a man with no back talk or negotiations.  But of course there are all sorts of diseases out there which makes it risky not to mention illegal to do.  So how about you play the Call Girl while your man plays the Customer.  Dress up in the sluttiest outfit you can put together and it’ll even be more fun if you stand out on the corner (covered up of course) and have him ride by and pick you up.  You must be willing to do any and everything he wants you to do because remember he is paying you.


This is when your man plays the cop and arrests you for some strange and probably corny reason (for being to beautiful or sexy….LOL).  You can really get into this.  Allow him to question you, frisk you, and cuff you to the bed or railing.  While cuffed, he’ll be able to take advantage of you.  Do anything to you that he wants.  Guess what?  You’re going to let him too because you don’t want to go to jail so you’re going to do anything to him to get out of going into the slammer.  This one can be really fun.

These are just a couple, if I wasn’t rushing out to this event tonight I would have added a couple of more…sorry.  These should get you started.  It’s time to stop having boring sex and explore.  Add some spice in your life.  If you think sex is good now wait until you try adding a twist in it and you can start off with role playing.  Something that’s been done many years before I was even thought of, I’m just relaying the message to you.

Have fun!  Enjoy yourselves!  Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog, click on “Sign Me Up!”

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  • Comments (3)
    • Stacker
    • May 13th, 2010

    Roleplay is all about the dress up…LOL

    • Ebbie
    • May 13th, 2010

    LMBO!!!! Girl did u just say give up the draws!!!! Seriously I agree role playing make the sex or sexing interesting. I had to re-evaluate myself cuz my boo and I did all that u mention and a few more. I believe the craziest episode we had was in the file room @ our job (JPMorgan Chase) and NO we don’t work there any more!!!

    1st time I read the blog n I luv it!!!!

    • T Fae
    • May 13th, 2010

    I am laughing at the rape one because I thought I was the only one that thought that was sexy!

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