Good Guy Vs. Bad Guy


I had to do today’s post for all of the good men out there. For the men who work, take care of home and their families and still find it hard to find and keep a good woman. Impossible right? I mean it has to be impossible, because there are so many women out here complaining about how they can’t find a good black man. I will say ladies that I know it’s not the easiest thing for a woman to find, it’s like finding a needle in the hay stack but there are good men out there (please refer back to my “Something New” post).

But I’m mainly speaking to the women who have had a good man and let him go simply because he was too nice, too attentive, not thugged out enough, well educated, and treated a woman like the piece of diamond that she is. Or the women who refused to date a man with those qualities. First let me slap the shit out of you for being so damn stupid (hopefully I knocked some sense back into you). Secondly: Do you know how many single women wished they had a man with all of those qualities?

Now, most of you know I work in the world of tv/film and you know when you watch television half of the shit you see is fake and would rarely happen in real life. Television shows us what would would like to happen in the real world. You know how in movies the good guys always win but once the movie is over you realize that the film was just a pseudo vision of your own life. Because the only reason why the good guy won is because he had some type of special power like flying, the ability to create strong spider webs or the impressive skill to dodge bullets. In real life when it comes to relationships the good guys don’t win, they mostly finish last.

I have girlfriends who rather choose the thug over the nice guy and I have nice guy friends who always get dumped over the wack excuse of him being too nice. Those are probably the same girls who prefer a thug. The same girl who always cry and pout about how their man always disrespect them and how they wish he would treat them better. But when they finally get with a good man they leave them because they’re just simply out of their mind.

Men go through the same thing. They always want the woman who treats them like shit. I used to talk to this dude who would call and complain about how bad the girl will treat him. I mean he went through jail, fights & some more stuff just to be with this girl, but the whole time he never even thought about the girl he was calling to confide in. The girl he used to have feelings for but not enough to make her his girl but knew he could always call in his time of need. I could never figure out why he would want someone who put him through all of that drama when lil ol drama free me was there. That was my fault, no one else’s.

So what’s the solution? How do we get the good women/men to want the nice guys/girls? I believe you have to go outside of your norm because obviously you have a type and the asshole type falls in your category. If what you’re used to isn’t working then you have no choice but to choose something different. If you don’t, then guess what? The same thing will keep happening over and over. Trust me, I know.

Know your worth. Once you realize your worth you’ll have a better understanding of what you deserve in life. Don’t give all of your goodness to someone who doesn’t deserve it because you don’t want to waste it on that person. I’ve seen too many people turn cold and heartless because they wasted all of their goodness on the wrong one.

Let’s turn our lives into a movie and let the nice guy win for a change. To all of you good brothers out there stop playing around and just go head and settle down, make some lucky lady happy (I know a couple of you, don’t make me call you out).

Hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget, leave a comment. Subscribe to this blog and do something good today! Oh here’s a video for your enjoyment…..Salt n Pepa, Whatta Man!

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    • devonta
    • November 26th, 2011

    mane i fuckin hate females. they say we guys are all they same well its really the oppiste they are all da damn same. for the fact being.

    im not a bad guy nor am i a good guy im n da middle but ok my friend is hella bad he tells girls aye let me fuck. and slowly its happends. but wen i do it. GTF im beat yo ass. maybe cuz im fat idk. but im not that fat chubby thats wat they always tell me. now idk ima just kill someone in a few years become a killer for girls maybe the world will be better without them hoes to fuck the world up. thats why the economy is so damn bad cuz a bitch dats thinkin i wanna use dis man so he can spend all his money on me and ima go fuck my wrong guy FUCKIN HOES GO FUCKIN DIE>
    Ps i hate females.

    • JoeProz
    • September 3rd, 2010

    This subject hits so close to home. I work my butt off. I dont cheat. I am all about family and the other half of me who I am with. I devote myself in making it work. The problem is I have been cheated on by ex’s and have encountered women who have bad boy ex’s. It always seem like they win in the long run. Once they kick that bad boy phase they always want to come running back with a handful of excuses. Its bad to say but the bad boys will always win. On the other hand I will keep being myself and hope deep down there will come a time where the “one” comes into my life and wants a good guy! 🙂

    • Stacker
    • May 12th, 2010

    Very interesting topic..Before a man/woman can find that Mister or Misses Right . They must first know what they want in a relationship. A serious relationship has to start within ourselfs if a person cant love themself you can expect them to love someone else.

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