This post goes out to all my crazy folk, those of you who get a lil touch of crazy at times.  By now you guys know that I’m willing to share a little bit about my life (I can’t give it all to you guys, I gotta keep some things to myself).  With that being said, this post is no different.

Have you ever been done wrong by your loved one? Or anyone period?  That person made you so mad that you were willing to do anything to get back at the person.  That person hurt you so bad that you didn’t care about the lengths you had to go through to get your revenge.

I’ve never really been the crazy girlfriend type but I’ve always been the person where I never let anyone get away with thinking they’re getting over on me.  I’m also not a fighter (I’m too fly to fight….LOL).  I’ll just use my mouth as a weapon and cut your ass so deep you wouldn’t even know you were cut until I leave.

But I’ve been a witness my girlfriends cut up and act a fool over their men (sometimes I would be right there).  I used to think if you gotta go through all that in order to be with him you might as well just leave him alone (spoken from a woman who wasn’t in a relationship).  I just like to be drama free, drama doesn’t look good on me.   I soon learned that the world doesn’t just allow someone to be drama free sometimes shit just happens.

This had to be one of the biggest arguments Tony and I have ever been in.  It really wasn’t an argument because one thing about Tony is when he knows he’s wrong, he’ll admit it and surprisingly he’ll sit and listen as long as we’re having a conversation and I’m not yelling at him (which I never do).  I’m not going to get into the details of it but know that I was extremely pissed.

I became an entirely different person and it was scary to me because I’ve never seen that side of me.  I was so angry I got up at 5:30 the next morning to meet him outside (because like I told you before I know his schedule like the back of my hand).  Anyway I got to his house (which is 5 mins from mine, driving) and the trash truck was coming. I got out of my car because I knew at any minute he’ll be running out behind the truck with his trash like he do every Monday morning.  Sure enough two seconds later he was running out of his house.

I ran up on him in front of the trash man and was just going in on him.  Then he made me even madder because after I went in on him he goes “yeah you’re right, I was wrong.” I was expecting him to get angry and some more but he didn’t.  Before that all happened I wanted to go Jazmine Sullivan on him and bust the windows out of his truck and slice all of his tires.  I decided on the car because its very difficult to hurt Tony but I knew if I messed his car up I would be doing a lot to him because he uses his car for work. There are only two reasons why I didn’t do it.  1.  I forgot I was afraid of the law. & 2. I knew I was acting out of character.

I took a look at myself and I was like.  I should never give anyone that much power over my emotions.  Where I’m willing to go outside of my morals and do something that messed up.  I’m not a get back person because I believe in karma and I want no type of relationship with her.

I’m sure there are some of you who’ve participated in the “Get Back Marathon,” and I’m sure that in most cases it ends up bad.  I’ve heard it all and I’m sure you guys have some interesting stories to tell (U know I want to hear them). Men you play it too! Oh let me also mention that one of the worst “Get Backs” ever is going out and cheating on him/her.  What are you doing?  Giving another person your body……ok and? The one person it hurts the most is yourself.  That just doesn’t make sense to me.  If you’re going to cheat, cheat because you want to not because of the other person (that advice is to women ONLY…LOL but it’s bad advice, just don’t cheat).

Obviously I believe that revenge in a relationship is horrible.  It only make matters worse, someone will definitely get arrested or have a restraining order.  Most of you reading my blog are adults, we are too old to be doing this type of stuff.  Including going on facebook and clocking every single girl he’s befriended (oooh new idea).  Thankfully my man is too old and doesn’t have the patients or the want to be on FB.

Think twice before “Keeping It Real,” because it can definitely go wrong.  But I will say if you are that person without being ticked off, just a natural vindictive angry person then some jail time may do you well and God bless who ever you’re with.  If you guys are the same I pray I don’t see you guys on one of my favorite shows SNAPPED

Moral of this blog is that revenge is never worth it, take the high road.  I had a very hard time saying that last sentence because the angry side of me is saying “sometimes it is worth it.”  It’s hard keeping my Gemini side tamed.  Let me say the right thing to do is to take the high road.  I know it’s hard to do.  Ask yourself if it’ll make you feel better.  Most likely it will…LOL Ask yourself if you’re still going to be with him the next day.  If so let it be, it ain’t worth it.


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