Does Size Really Matter?

Men listen up!  I’m about to give you guys the real deal on the size of your penis and if we really care if you’re packing.  Remember this includes the opinions of myself and the women that I’ve spoken to.  Because we do talk men…..Ohhhhh we talk!  I’ve broken down the penis size in three different categories.  Men you know goodness well size matters to you so you know it matters to us!

Peek-A-Boo I think I See You

This is for my brothers (brothers includes all races) with the small penises.  To be honest its a freaking turn off.  To me its a waste of a man.  You better be the best guy in the world, and a pro in oral sex and know how to work the hell out of your lil man.  If she continue to see you after seeing that ummmmm niblet of yours it means that she really does like you and sex might not be that important to her.  If a woman has serious feelings for you she will over look the size of your penis and love you anyway.  But I can’t guarantee that she will not fantasize about being with a man with a larger penis.  My advice for you “short, short, men” is to hold off on the sex…..LOL get the woman to fall in love with you first before you whip it out.  You’ll have a better chance in keeping her.

Middle Class America

My average men who are not too small and not too big.  I think you got it good.  No woman will ever dislike you because of the size of your penis.  She can’t complain about the fact that she can’t feel it and she can’t say you ‘re ripping her insides out.  Here’s a fun fact: If you’re considered average size, you’re bigger than 50% of all men (that means there are a lot of small men in the world).  An average size penis is considered to be any where from 5-7 inches long (when hard) and 5 inches round.  All I ask for is that you know what to do with your average size tool.  I know some of you wish you were a lil larger but just be thankful that you’re not in the above category.

No Thank You I’ll Pass

To me there is a such thing as being too large and if you are too large you can keep right on moving.  Why? 1. I’m afraid and no longer turned on. 2. I have organs inside of me that I want to keep. 3. I know it’s going to hurt!  I think having sex with a man that’s too large can be uncomfortable for both the man and the woman.  He may not be able to fit his entire penis inside and the number of positions are very limited.  It’ll take a lot of sexing to get the woman’s body to mold to his penis.  I suggest you large fellas to take it easy on the lady, ease your way in.  Or, you can always get into the porn industry where 18 inches is welcomed!  I do know women who’ve encounter very large men before and tried to have sex with them but it just didn’t work so this came straight from the horses mouth.

Whatever your size may be, embrace it, love it and take my advice…LOL Oh and if you’re extra small don’t be acting like you’re king ding-a-ling, you’ll only be setting yourself up for embarrassment because we will let you know.  Guys don’t be mad at me after reading this….I still love you!

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    • Stacker
    • May 3rd, 2010

    Today’s topic is a good one. As a man this is a touchy subject but i think you hit it right on the HEAD. I guess i’m blessed to be Middle Class.

    Great job on breaking down a man!!!!!!

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