A good male friend of mine called me today and gave me a wonderful idea for today’s post.  He wanted me to write a post on how to give a woman an ORGASM.  This is a very touchy topic for men because EVERY man wants to be able to please their woman and send them riding on the Big O wave.  They sometimes feel like failures in bed and honestly we sometimes agree with you.  Men it’s not all your fault but most of it is.  There are a lot of factors that can ultimately bring on a woman’s Orgasm.

Did you know that 50-75% of women only receive an orgasm through clitoral stimulation?  Which is good news for you guys because this is one part of the Va Jay-Jay that you can actually see unlike the mythical “G-Spot.”  Here are a couple of things I believe will help a man give a woman an orgasm.


Women are like cars and when it comes to sex you must treat us like cars.  On a cold winter’s day you would let your car warm up for a couple of minutes. Why? Because it’ll take the fluids in your car longer to thaw out and start flowing if you didn’t warm it up.  *CLEARS THROAT* If you warm us up with some thoughtful foreplay, we would then in turn be “Turned On” and  our juices will begin to flow (which makes the sex better for both parties).

When I say thoughtful foreplay, I mean take your time.  Introduce your mouth, hands and tongue to her body every single time even if you’ve been dealing with this person for years.  A little rub and a lick just don’t do it for us.


This is one of the most important parts of sex and it remains a factor throughout the entire process.  You have to get the woman’s mind right and keep it right.  From the start to the end we need to think that you’re into it and the only thing you care about is getting us to the finish line.  Sounds hard, right?  Well it’s not because we do it all the time.  All that moaning, screaming, and telling you you’re the best that you hear from women (SORRRY LADIES) most of it is for show and to keep you thinking that you’re doing something.  We’ve become so good at it that you have no idea that we’re actually doing it.

You can also keep the mind right by setting the mood right.  Dim the lights, light some candles, throw rose petals over the bed, or role play.  I like to call that mental sex because I can guarantee if you do it right she’ll already be turned on and ready before you even touch her.


First off you don’t always have to be the largest to give the most pleasure.  Honestly if you’re too too LARGE we ain’t messing with you anyway unless our profession is in the porn industry…..LOL And if you’re too small that’s an instant turn off!  You do need to know what to do with what you have.  Your stroke game should be on point.  Be creative when it comes to sex, try new positions other than Missionary, Doggy Style, and Woman on Top.  Doing the same thing every time gets boring and becomes routine, so our mental is already gone because we already know the outcome.

Don’t pump too fast! Why? Because 1. It makes you cum quicker and 2. Most of the time it does nothing for us.  Women will look at you like you’re crazy then go tell their friends about their quick pumper of a boyfriend.  You’ll know if you’re doing the right stroke for your lady.  Just listen to her moans, look at her face and notice her body actions.  If you think you have the right stroke in the right position and it seems like she’s on the verge of coming just keep doing what you’re doing because if you change it up she could possibly loose that feeling and you’ll have to start all over again 😦

If you have no idea if you’re doing the right thing, don’t be afraid to ask her.  Talk to her during sex, let her know how it feels, how you feel and what you want her to do.  Don’t be shy.  The best position for a woman to receive an orgasm is having her on top because she’s able to regulate the depth of penetration of the penis and the rate of thrusting.

Don’t forget that 50-75% of women only come off of clitoral stimulation, so during sex you can gently massage her clit or use a vibrating toy.


If some how after all this you still haven’t made her come, I suggest you learn how to properly give oral sex and become a pro at it.  If you become really good at it I don’t see how she can’t come.  It’s ok to use toys, it means less work for you and we don’t mind showing you how to use them on us….because we know.

I hope this help a couple of guys out.  Let me also add that some women don’t care if they don’t receive an orgasm every time.  If they love the man and he makes her feel good during sex that’s all that matters.  Some women get off by pleasing their man.  Some women even fake an orgasm just to make their man feel good (others fake it just because they want it to be over…LOL)  Good luck guys!

Leave a comment I’m interested in what you have to say about this one.

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