I decided to tackle a topic that we all know exist but most of us don’t talk about it because it’s considered to be a taboo subject.  I’m talking about fetishes yall!  And no not E-V-E’s clothing line (does that still exist…LOL), but sexual fetishes.  I’ve broken down the fetishes into three categories; 1. Most Common 2. Weird as Hell & 3. Disgusting.  I couldn’t believe some of the things I was reading and if some of these things are what you like, do you.  I DO NOT JUDGE.

According to Wikipedia Sexual fetishism, or erotic fetishism, is the sexual arousal brought on by any object, situation or body part not conventionally viewed as being sexual in nature.

Below you will see my Top 5 fetishes in three categories and if any of you ‘practice’ any of these activities I will like to hear from you 🙂 (I’m just nosey. Right?).

Most Common


Kleptophilia AKA ‘Just Crazy’

Basically this is the act of ‘getting off’ by stealing.  So in a nut shell these fools are willing to risk their freedom by stealing just to get a nut.  What’s wrong with a good ol’ masturbation session?


Parthenophilia AKA ‘The Telly Syndrome’

This is the sexual attraction to virgins.  I call it the Telly Syndrome because of Telly from the movie Kids.  He made it his business to have sex with as many virgins as he could, it was sort of sport to him.  This fetish mostly pertains to men because women rarely want an unexperienced man.  Some men feel proud to take a woman’s virginity.  Just don’t take advantage of the women guys!


Foot Fetish AKA ‘Stinky Things Turn Me On’

The act of being aroused by feet.  We’ve all heard of people having a foot fetish but I’ve never quite understood how people can have an attraction to feet.  If you’re into porn there are a lot of videos supporting the foot fetish and they go from kissing and licking of the toes to actual insertion of the feet (if you know what I mean).  Interesting enough Ludacris, Eddie Murphy, Britney Spears & Ricky Martin are all reported as to having this fetish.


Martymachlia AKA ‘I Need an Audience’

For those of you freaks that get turned on because you know someone else is watching you have sex, this one is for you.  I actually don’t think this one is that bad, we all need a lil’ adventure in our lives.


Agoraphilia AKA ‘Having Sex in A Public Place’

This to me is the most common, most known and a lot of times it turns into a fetish by chance.  Sometimes things happen in the heat of the moment or you just want to be freaky so you just do the do where ever you are.  At least 85% of us have had sex in a public place.  For the other 15% of the population, LIVE A LITTLE!

Weird As Hell


Omorashi AKA ‘Bladder Control’

This sexual fetish first kicked off in Japan and I’m not surprised because they are some of the most sexual people in the world, but this right here is just crazy.  Omorashi is when you receive pleasure by holding your urine for a long time *BLANK STARE*  I don’t know about you guys but it hurts like hell when I have to pee really bad and these broads turned it into a sexual sport…SMDH


Plushophilia AKA ‘Furry Fandom’

This weird crap is when you dress up in a furry costume and dry hump each other and some how gain sexual pleasure.  I can’t really say much more about this one.


Klismaphilia AKA ‘Anal Masturbation’

Let’s see…how can I explain this on?  Some folk use enemas as a way to receive sexual stimulation.  It’s mostly practiced by men and sometimes used as a substitute for genital intercourse.  And get this the biggest pleasure comes from the “eliminatory process.”


Crush Fetish

Normally the sight of bugs and rodents makes the average person run the other way to get away from the pest.  But not for the weird freaks who love to crush.  They receive their big O by crushing anything from roaches to mice.  This is not only weird it’s disgusting.


Erotic Asphyxia AKA ‘Damn Near Suicide’

This is is the intentional restriction of oxygen to the brain for sexual arousal.  This can be done with and without a partner.  It’s one of the oldest fetishes, started back in the 1600s.  It was first used to treat erectile disfunction.  This is an extremely dangerous fetish, there have been accidental deaths while practicing this.  If this is your thing, please be careful and try to always perform this with a partner.



Formicophilia AKA ‘Fear Factor’

Just researching this one made my skin crawl.  Formicophilia is the fetish of having bugs crawl around or on your genitalia.  This is more common in developing countries because of their obvious pest situation.  I guess they made lemonade out of lemons.


Urolangia AKA ‘The R.Kelly’

Yall know I had to do it!  To me it’s a very disgusting fetish.  If I wanted a warm liquid sprayed all over my body for pleasure, I’ll just take a warm shower and not a golden one.  I just don’t get this one.  This goes hand in hand with Coprophilia, the act of defecating on one for sexual pleasure.  I’m not even going to get into that one.


Zoophilia AKA ‘Beastiality’

This is the practice of sex between animals and humans.  Are you freaking kidding me?  I’ve heard of wanting a stallion in bed and women calling men dogs but you’re not supposed to take it literally.  Sad thing is that there’re recent cases of this happening.  Geesh people!  Are you that unattractive that you can’t find a person.  Send me a letter I’ll find someone for you, just not me.


Vorarephilia AKA ‘The Hannibal Lector’

Hmmmm if this is number 2 you know number 1 has to be right down nasty.  This is the arousal by the thought of being eaten or watching someone eat someone else.  I’m not talking about oral sex, I’m talking about actually eating folk as a meal.  Really people?  This turns you on?  It makes me down right scared and if you’re one of them let me know so I can stay far away from you….LOL


Necrophilia AKA ‘Tales From The Crypt Lover’

This the most disgusting, disturbing fetish of them all.  Necrophilia is sexual attraction to corpse.  We all heard of people killing their victim and then raping them.  There are also cases of people who dig up graves to perform sexual acts on the corpse.  This is just the most disrespectful fetish for a human body there is.  Just nasty!

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